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EARLY BIRD enrolment with HomeMadeEducation for September-start GCSE/IGCSE courses is now open!

Enrol now with only a small registration fee and take advantage of this year’s prices.

You can also take advantage of the early payment plan, to get the 10% advance discount!

*English – IGCSE English Language, IGCSE English Literature
*Science – IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Biology, IGCSE Double Science, IGCSE Astronomy
*Psychology/Sociology – GCSE Psychology, GCSE Sociology
*Geography/Environmental Management – IGCSE Environmental Management, IGCSE Geography
*Business/Economics – IGCSE Business, IGCSE Economics
*History – GCSE History, IGCSE History
*Travel & Tourism – IGCSE Travel and Tourism
*and a free GCSE/IGCSE Maths compendium

(And, available to start now, a range of early ‘preparation courses’, from Essay Skills to Study Skills to Taster Courses)

All of the information, and enrolment forms, are at http://www.homemadeeducation.com

what has caitlin been up to?

In addition to guiding young people through their English and History educational journeys (informing, amusing, inspiring, enlightening and steering them toward success), what else has Caitlin been up to?

She’s not only been featured at literary festivals, but now … on shelves soon, from the enormously talented English tutor Caitlin …


Did you that know homemadeeducation can support your young person’s application for access arrangements, for exams?

Access arrangements” refers to ‘reasonable adjustments’ put in place during exam sittings to assist students who have special educational needs, disabilities or other difficulties, which ensure that they are not at a disadvantage. They may include: use of technology (laptop or reader pen), extra time, opportunities for breaks during the exams, a separate room, a scribe or a reader, etc.

If you are applying to your exam centre for Access Arrangements, we are always here to help and support, and can provide documentation and additional supporting information about your young person’s needs, requirements, and ‘usual way of working’. And of course, there’s no extra fee or otherwise for doing this on their behalf; we wouldn’t dream of it!

*remember that many exam centres will require your application for Access Arrangements/exam booking much earlier than for bookings without

*many exam centres have a limited number of laptops, extra rooms, etc. … so again, we advise that you apply as early as possible

*your exam centre can tell you their specific process and requirements

*and the earlier you contact us, about your young person’s special educational needs, disabilities or other difficulties, the better – so that we can support your application to ensure that they are not at a disadvantage

Being part of your young person’s educational journey is a privilege, and we aim to do everything we can to help ensure that they have the very best possible chances of success.

(We can also provide predicted grades and references for colleges and sixth forms*)

The HomeMadeEducation Course range is now available for enrolment

There are a range of old favourites and exciting new courses available for enrolment now, including:

*English – Essay Writing, KS4 Functional Skills, IGCSE English Language, and more

*Science – IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Double Science, Introduction to Electricity, An Introduction to Astronomy and more

*Psychology/Sociology – Crime and Deviance, GCSE Psychology, GCSE Sociology and many more

*Geography/Environmental Management – Sustainable Tourism, IGCSE Environmental Management, IGCSE Geography and much more

*Business/Economics – Business A to Z, IGCSE Business, IGCSE Economics and many others

*History – GCSE History, IGCSE History, Tough Tudors and Terrible Toms, and more

*Art & Design – Inventions and Ideas, Fashion History, and more

*Travel & Tourism – IGCSE Travel and Tourism, Sustainable Tourism and others

You can browse all of the courses within the individual ‘age’ sections (primary, secondary, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level) on the website or download the full course list at the top of the FAQ page.

http://www.homemadeeducation.com … providing superb value courses, fieldtrips and workshops for over 10 years! (run by a home educator, for home educators)

winter ’22/spring ’23 HME courses

The NEW HomeMadeEducation winter/spring Course List is now available! And there are a range of new courses available, including:

*English – Essay Writing

*English – KS4 Functional Skills

*Science – An Introduction to Organic Chemistry

*Psychology/Sociology – Crime and Deviance

*and many more

There are exciting new courses and regular favourites, available to book now. You can browse all of the courses here www.homemadeeducation.com … or browse the full course list below.

“Oh my gosh, DD LOVED your class – like so many reviews you have provided the most enjoyable online lesson ever!”

Developed by a home educator, for home educators, HomeMadeEducation has been highly reviewed and recommended in the home-ed community for many years.

I hope you find a course, or two, that suit!

Exciting news – the NEW HomeMadeEducation summer/autumn Course List is now available!

From KS2 Famous Buildings&Architects, to KS3 Poetry for Publication to GCSE Astronomy, there are some exciting new courses and some regular favourites, available to book now – for August, September and beyond!

You can browse all of the courses here on the website http://www.homemadeeducation.com … or download the full course list from the top of the FAQs page.

“Oh my gosh, DD LOVED your class – like so many reviews you have provided the most enjoyable online lesson ever!”

We hope you find a delightfully unique course, to delight your young person. And when you do, don’t delay, as courses tend to fill fast.

Announcing a new summer design course … INTERIOR DESIGN – ICONIC DESIGNERS !! Due to popular demand, our art and design courses on offer are expanding …


An iconic design is ground-breaking, sets new standards in its field, and becomes a bench mark for later designs / designers. They’re ground-breaking in terms of materials, how they are engineered, they way they solve design problems or in the features/functions they offer. In this course, we look at a range of iconic designers and their designs for interiors.

This is a 4 week course, running for 4 consecutive Mondays.

Available: Online, Live – Mondays at 11am starting July 25th

You can find out more, and enrol, here: https://homemadeeducation.com/portfolio/iconic_designers/

Announcing new support for gcse/igcse maths

We’re excited to announce our new IGCSE / GCSE MATHS (SELF-LED COMPENDIUM)!

We haven’t (yet) been able to find a brilliant Maths partner, to offer you an amazing tutor-led course.  So, while we’re still on the lookout for such a special person, we’re thrilled to offer any young person enrolled on any of our tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses free access to this self-led IGCSE/GCSE Maths compilation bundle (we think of it as a ‘Maths kit and caboodle’!).

• this is a self-led compendium, providing materials for young people self-studying IGCSE/GCSE maths
• a full range of learning resources, videos, activities, quizzes and more are included, organized by topic (covering virtually all syllabuses commonly used by home educators)
• also included are a range of peer-to-peer discussion forums, where young people can share ideas, solve problems, etc. with other young people just like them … and belong to a self-led learner Maths community

Access to our IGCSE/GCSE Maths Self-led Compendium is FREE for any young person enrolled on any of our tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses.

So, they’ll have everything, at their fingertips, all in one convenient place.

End of SPring sessions

It’s always a strange mix of emotions when we get to the end of the year, and our ‘live’ sessions end and many of our learners are writing their GCSE, IGCSE and ALevel exams. Wishing everyone a fantastic summer and 2022 beyond, and we’ll see many of you again in September! And some of our favourite feedback, as courses have ended …

“5 courses with Kate over the past 2 year. It’s been a slight uphill journey with tutor assessed grading last year, but with Kate’s help she did fabulously. However, luckily this year has been far more straight forward. We have been so lucky with the such a range of fantastic subjects offered by Kate. DD has thoroughly enjoyed all her courses this year and has decided to continue Business and Sociology from last year, onto A Levels. I know this is only due to your enthusiasm in the subjects and excellent teaching. DD really felt this shone through in your happy, friendly personality that came through in your live lessons. We’re so happy we found HomeMadeEducation and 2 fabulous teachers to study with other the past 2 years!”

“It’s been an …. emotional morning for our DD. She’s just had the last ever English Lit lesson with the lovely Caitlin Kendall after two years of studying English language last year and English lit this year. She’s grown so much in confidence and … her love of the subject and enthusiasm must have shone through at the (A level sixth form) interview she was offered a place less than 24 hours after our visit. A massive thank you to Caitlin Kendall for your brilliant classes and enthusiasm for the subjects, DD has really enjoyed them, plus the extra literature prep course last summer and book group were brilliant. I’m sure DD will be joining in this summer with the book group after all the exams are finished mid June.”

Announcing a fabulous new course for Summer 2022 … GCSE/IGCSE Study Skills!

Due to popular demand, this stand-alone 5 week course covering a wide range of GCSE/IGCSE level study skills is now available for all young people taking, or about to take, GCSEs/IGCSEs – from “independent self-studiers” to “online course” users.

An invaluable course which covers a range of skills, techniques and approaches, so that your young person can master study skills before the academic year starts, or to brush up if they have already started on a subject! Independent study skills can be key to exam success, and many young learners will benefit from learning how to take good study notes, how to maximise the value from reading text, how to manage their time, how to revise effectively (and more!)

This course is available: Online,Live – weekly, starting Tuesday July 26th, 10:00am, running for 5 consecutive Tuesdays; Online, Flexible/Recorded – available starting Tuesday July 26th.

Find out more, and enrol, here: https://homemadeeducation.com/portfolio/study_skills/

Money management and financial understanding courses, new this spring from HomeMadeEducation!

Finance is a part of our everyday life, and having basic personal financial knowledge is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy, happy and secure life. Understanding the fundamentals of money, budgeting, saving and debt can:
• promote good savings habits
• encourage financial responsibility
• lead to financial health and positive attitudes around money
Young people should have the benefit of financial experience and education to make good decisions with money – big or small. Our ‘Money and You’ courses are created, developed and run by a business and economics specialist, and highly experienced educator. Engaging, interesting and dynamic courses to really inspire your young person.

There are three courses to choose from: KS2 – Money and You – Fundamentals; KS3 – Money and You – Intermediate; KS4 – Money and You – Your Money and Money and the World.

(And, we’re having a “Rishi Special” sale for Spring 2022, so they’re affordable and even better value!)

Find out more, and enrol, here: https://homemadeeducation.com/portfolio/money_and_you_finance_courses_kids/

Nov IGCSE Results just in…

“Morning Kate. A got a 9! Thank you so much fir your support and the feedback from the paper you marked was so helpful. Looking forward to A starting Psychology with you.”

“Hope you are both well. I just wanted to let you know that E got her results today and she got a 9 for both English Lit and Lang. So proud of her. Thank you both for your help. “

“I did the English Language and English Literature GCSE courses with you, and I found your feedback on my assignments and your zoom lessons really helpful. I just wanted to say thank you, because today I got my results back and I got 9s in both language and literature… Also I will definitely be joining some of your online book group zoom calls soon, as I enjoyed the ones I did in summer. :))”

… Just some of the feedback from November IGCSE results, just in this past week. So proud of our learners and so pleased to be part of their learning journeys!

Hope you are all enjoying half-term! A quick FYI that all of the new/updated HomeMadeEducation course information for the rest of 2022 is now here on the website, and the new full brochure is on the FAQ page as well. Plenty of old favourites as well as exciting new courses, as well as the GCSE/ALevel draft schedule for 2022!

Hope you find a course, or two, to delight your young person.

Psychology studies

Psychology is a fascinating subject, and really captures the imagination of young people. It’s dynamic, topical, relevant and engaging … and there are so many different ways to capture the core facts of a topic, in projects and homework assignments.

We love this work, by one of our learners this year, highlighting different lobe functions as part of the Illusions and Perceptions topic!

You can learn a topic and eat it too!

November exam series results

Just some of the feedback from today’s results:

“G got an A in both exams  – Environmental Management and Development Studies – and to say we are over the moon is an understatement! We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support – you have been brilliant!”

Hi Kate. I wanted to let you know that L got an A* in her exam!! … I can’t stop smiling for her!!! Thanks for everything. We love your courses x”

“Just a quick note to thank you for all your help with Travel and Tourism last year. E took the exam in November and received an A so he is extremely happy. Thanks again”

“I just wanted to say I got my results today – a B in both subjects, and I can’t thank you enough for being my teacher and for all the help you’ve given me over the past two years.I definitely wouldn’t have gotten those grades without you! Again, thank you so much :))”

Thank you Kate and Caitlin for all what you do for M. I enrolled her for TT and Business Studies when she just turned 12 and she completed both courses with Kate and sat for the IGCSE in November 2021 when she just turned 14. She has never been to school and … her results today is indeed a great achievement. She is extremely pleased. And she has done well. The best decision we made was to enroll her at that young age with Home Made Education. Thank you Kate for all your help support and efforts. Your courses were so comfortable to a homeschooled shy child and you made her bring out her potential. Thanks a lot. She hopes to do English in May and Caitlin is already doing a wonderful job. Thank you both of you for everything you do to our young people.”

“She is so happy with her Environmental Management result. Thanks to Kate for a great course which prepared her well for the exam. Last year was a difficult year with assessed grading and studying for 2 autumn and 1 January subject exams. She has opted for a couple of subjects to sit this summer and is still studying with Caitlin and Kate. We are really happy we found Kate and Caitlin at homemade education. You are a huge part of getting E this far in her studying and exam journey, we are very thankful. She has been interviewed and offered a place at all 3 places she applied to for A levels.”

Fantastic results for one of our learners today, and fantastic feedback! At HomeMadeEducation, we feel it is a privilege to be part of a young person’s educational journey.

exam courses with autumn sittings

Thinking about a GCSE/IGCSE subject, which has exam timing in the Autumn?

HomeMadeEducation offers a range of subjects that can be written in the Autumn exam period (Oct/Nov) that can be started in January!

*CIE IGCSE Environmental Management

*CIE IGCSE Travel and Tourism

*CIE IGCSE Geography

*CIE IGCSE Business

*CIE IGCSE English

These are all available for enrolment now, so your young person can spread their studies and exams throughout the year.

*Edexcel IGCSE Economics and IGCSE English are also available in the January exam period, enrolling this January means a full 12 months of exam preparation.

Just contact us for more information! (run by a home educator, for home educators)

IGCSE English exams skills courses – new for 2022!

We have three new courses on offer for early 2022, to get your young person ready for May/June exams (which include mocks/TAGs evidence, just in case!) …

IGCSE English Language “EXAM SKILLS PLUS” –  (7 weeks £150)
Hone and refine your exam skills to boost your chances of success and receive detailed personalised feedback based on the exam criteria. This course covers key skills and strategies and offers insights into the demands of each of the different question types that appear on the exam paper. There will be required pre-work. Edexcel and CIE exam boards will be covered specifically through board-specific assignments. Culminating in a full invigilated mock exam to provide valuable exam experience. This invigilated mock exam would also be admissible as evidence in the event of IGCSEs being assessed through Teacher Assessed Grades … Click HERE for more info and to book.

IGCSE English Literature “EXAMS SKILLS PLUS” –  (7 weeks £150)
Hone and refine your exam skills to boost your chances of success and receive detailed personalised feedback based on the exam criteria. This course covers the key aspects of analysing poetry, prose and drama and helps to improve the quality of your academic writing with a specific focus on the exam assessment objectives. There will be pre-work; Specific exam board requirements will be addressed via homework assignments. Culminating in a full invigilated mock exam to provide valuable exam experience. This invigilated mock exam would also be admissible as evidence in the event of IGCSEs being assessed through Teacher Assessed Grades … Click HERE for more info and to book.

The Exam Experience (£80, £120 including admin of TAG)
Put your exam skills to the test and gain valuable exam experience by sitting a fully invigilated mock exam in IGCSE English Language or IGCSE English Literature. Edexcel and CIE exam boards can be assessed. We can also facilitate The Exam Experience for AQA and Edexcel GCSE Language and/or Literature. You will receive detailed personalised marking feedback on your exam to help guide your exam preparation. This invigilated mock exam would also be admissible as evidence in the event of (I)GCSEs being assessed through Teacher Assessed Grades … Click HERE for more info and to book.

See ALL of our IGCSE English “Exam Skills” courses here … CLICK

Exciting news – our NEW autumn/winter Course List is now available!

We have some fantastic new courses and some regular favourites, available to book now, just download the full list here … https://homemadeeducation.com/faqs/

(And, a little update, our “Where Our Learners Live” map is still growing and growing; we have recently welcomed new learners in Peru and Mexico!)

November Short Courses

We have some fantastic new Short Courses available online, ‘live’ this November:
*An Introduction to Chemistry – 13yrs(ish)

*Creative Writing – EB2 – IGCSE Level

*Transactional Writing – EB3 – 11+

*Transactional Writing – EB4 – IGCSE Level

*Introduction to Shakespeare – EI5 – 11+

*Fantasy Writing – EFW – 13+

*Songwriting – 11+

*Norse Mythology – 11+

Just contact us for more information or to book a space!

And our new Winter/Spring course booklet will be available shortly after half-term, so watch this space!

Publishing Successes

English (Language and Literature) courses with HomeMadeEducation are taught by our amazing partner tutor Caitlin. Not only is she a highly experienced teacher and board examiner, she also has additional qualifications in teaching Exceptional Learners (along with a Master’s in Creative Writing). Combine that with a warm and witty personality, she’s the perfect package. And add to that … a bit of a bow on top …she is a regularly published author (poetry), runs a home ed summer reading club for fun, gets amazing reviews from her learners (who get amazing results!)

See Caitlin’s new publishing successess:



So Proud of our Learners – 2021 exam results (Spring)

Our learners have worked so hard this year and struggled through such challenges. It has been a delight to see how they have been rewarded for their efforts. Just some of the comments from today …

Dear Kate, Huge thanks to you this morning as DS got a 7 in his Psychology GCSE. He is so pleased. I know you went far above and beyond this year to ensure our young people received their grades, and it really has been so appreciated here. Thanks again

Dear Kate, Thank you ever so much for your support while studying travel and tourism through lockdown. I am overjoyed to share my IGCSE travel and tourism results… Thank you again for the fabulous lessons, dedication and support thought the course. I achieved an A-grade!

7! WE GOT 7 IN ENGLISH LANG! YIPPI!….Thank you Kate and Caitlin!

Got DS’s results. So proud of him. 6s and 7s. Thank you so very much Kate and Caitlyn

DS got an 8 in English Language. Thank you for all your hard work Caitlin!!❤

Super proud of DD today, 8 in business, 8 in sociology and a 9 for English language. 🤩
Huge thanks to Caitlin and Kate for your excellent teaching and help and work in getting grades this year. She is super happy and is so glad we chose homemade education, the courses were really good and she enjoyed them.
Roll on September and year 11 for the new courses we’ve chosen. 💗

Kate can’t thank you enough we are overjoyed at DS’s 2 A Stars she worked so hard and loved loved the subjects and her hard work paid off, thank you for being amazing ❤️❤️

Thank you Kate, DD got a 9 in economics, and loves the subject and is planning to take the A level at 6th form.

Hi Kate 😊 I ended up with a 7 in business which I wasn’t expecting at all! Thank you so much for your help over the course and with the other two I’ve done with you. I’m now going onto college to do psychology A levels with criminology and media, as I loved the psychology course with you.

Hi Kate Just wanted to let you know DS got a 7 in her IGCSE Business Studies!! Thank you so much for all your help.

You have been calm and professional throughout the whole debacle. You swiftly answered my questions to the best of your abilities, even if my questions may have been daft or were asked a thousand times before. I will absolutely recommend you and will also sign up again for more courses. Thank you both x

DD is v happy with hers so thanks so much for helping her to achieve and to subsequently believe in herself!

Hi Kate, Just a quick not to say DS got a 6 for his Business igcse. Considering … he’s very relieved!!! Thank you for all your support and help. It really helped to keep him motivated during difficult times 🙂

Thanks for everything you’ve done. C in environmental management is great and hopefully a huge confidence booster.

Thank you so much Caitlin Kendall I got a 9 in both my English’s (lit & lang)!! 🎉 Couldn’t thank you enough! I’m soo pleased, and can’t believe it! ❤ I enjoyed both your courses so much! Thank you very much! Xxx

DD is bursting with happiness with her fantastic 9 in English Language 🤩 Thank you for all your hard work and excellent teaching this year. Roll on next September for English literature. 💗

Kate Omg just found out I got an A in Psychology! Thank you so so much! 🎉 I loved your course from start to end and can’t wait to do it at A-level!! ❤

DS got an A* in EM this morning 😁 very happy and extra proud …Thanks for a great course xxxxx

Thank you so much Caitlin for all of your support, DS got a 9 in his English Language 🤩…..in absolute shock at the moment, thank you again so much ❤️ xxx

Dear Caitlin, Thank you so much for your help. DS got a 5 in English. It is such a miracle for us to pass the exam. DS came to study to you with huge gaps and problems in the language and you were able to help him achieve great results in a year !!! This is a huge victory for us. 💖

We just got her results and she got five 9’s and three 8’s. Good luck to all.

Hi Kate We are thrilled with DS’s 9 in Economics – thank you for all your help and hard work.

DS1 is overjoyed with his 8 in English! DS2 is very very happy with his A* in EM. Thank you so much for your hard work ladies. So very much appreciated. It’s great that my two are moving forward in their studies but sad our time with you has come to an end.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my daughter. She received 8s in English Language and English Literature! Much gratitude here today.

Kate Thank you so much for such an enjoyable Psychology course! I got an A* and am super happy! Thank you so much 😊

Kate I am over the moon! He Loved your Statistics and Business courses and I was so proud he completed them both in time. The curriculum turned out to be full of writing which is super tough when dyslexia and dysgraphia can hijack learning and hinder producing written work. … He did admirably and was awarded a 6 in business and an 8 in statistics. Thankyou for all your wonderful teaching, excellent course content and the insane efforts you had to put in at the end to support grading. Oh, and your lovely friendly emails through the course.

Dear Kate First of all, even so the word “ thank you “ isn’t enough to express our gratitude for your support during the academic year 2020/2021…. DD did receive her IGCSE results today and it was celebration time here

Thank you so much for all your support over this year Kate. DS and I are absolutely thrilled with his grade 8 for statistics. 🙂

9 here for DS in economics! So pleased as he really understood the the subject thanks to your tuition. Been recommending your courses!

Delighted with DS’s 8 for psychology😄👏🏽Thankyou for such a clear and thorough course structure Kate and your inimitable teaching style which brings such great enthusiasm for the subject and clear guidelines for what is needed to answer questions fully . You offer brilliant courses offering everything that could possible be needed to successfully pass. 🙏✨

Thank you so much for your courses! DDs so happy with her A* in Geography and A in Business Studies x DS also really happy with A* in Eng Lang thanks to Caitlin! 😀

Hello Kate, Hope you are well. DD has achieved Grade 8 in English Language… without (Caitlin’s) help It would not have been possible.

End of Spring Term

Spring term at HomeMadeEducation has come to an end, evidence for grades has been submitted, and we are wishing well to our learners who are leaving us for pastures new – and welcoming new learners to a variety of short courses and GCSE/IGCSE courses! I thought I’d share some of my favourite feedback from this year:

~~”All done. Thank you so much Kate Sneep for everything over the last 2 years. After leaving school after being bullied we found you like a shining star and My daughter has LOVED every class and all 4 subjects that you have encouragingly taught her over the last 2 years. The education department could learn a lot from you. Thank you for your dedication and passion to teaching. ❤️”

~~”Thank you for being such a wonderful tutor in the two years that you’ve taught me Business and Economics. I have now finished my GCSEs and will probably go to collage for A-Levels so it is unlikely that I will take another one of your courses, but business and economics were some of my favourite subjects and every good subject needs a good tutor to teach it, and you were definitely one of the best :)”

~~”He has thoroughly grown to love Economics – you have instilled an enthusiasm for a subject which he was initially sceptical about! Thank you. Wishing you warm wishes and with our sincere thanks”

~~”I just wanted to say that she has really enjoyed the course – she really didn’t want to study English at all, so you should think of this is a big endorsement! DD will never speak up in the lessons, but this is not any reflection on her engagement with the course or your teaching; it’s just not her thing. In fact, she was really motivated, put a lot of work into it and I think she got a lot of confidence from it. I think once she knew that she could just write as ‘DD’ and not have to follow someone else’s plan just to pass and exam, she was much more comfortable.”

~~”thank you so much for the course I have absolutely loved every minuete of it!!”

~~”Just wanted to say thank you so much for providing those prep for IGCSE English classes. DD is really enjoying her classes and she even told me Monday that she can’t wait until Tuesday. When I asked why she replied that she really likes the English classes with homemade! (That’s a comment from a girl, who would break down in tears last year, over any writing basically)”

~~”I really enjoyed this course. I really like that during the lessons there were questions about the extract… I always looked forward to this class and have enjoyed it all throughout the course. I would definitely recommend this course.”

~~”Thank you so much for teaching me this year! I’ve loved every second of it, and am planning on continuing both English and Psychology for my A levels. Thank you so much for making all my GCSEs as easy as you can, I appreciate it so much 😊”

~~”Daughter said Kate’s Business course notes are far better than the book (which she also did has). She found the book so dry and enjoyed Kate’s course notes. Kate’s notes include keywords (you could make flash cards) and the practice questions and activities are really helpful.”

~~”You are the best teachers that we have met in this country. My son first time said, that he liked the teachers!!! Thanks to you, Kate and Caitlin, he had faith and love for a real teacher!”

~~At http://www.homemadeeducation.com, young people make every day amazing!

Why Your Young Person Should Consider Choosing IGCSE Economics, as a subject

IGCSE Economics doesn’t tend to be one of the most popular IGCSEs, which is such a shame! Not only is it fascinating (did you know Economics is a social science, like Sociology?) and informative (deciphering financial news broadcasts will become a doddle) but it’s also extremely valuable in real-life (why are interest rates so important; how can we protect the environment and still create jobs; who cares about minimum wage law). Not only that – it is inspiring – more than 50% of my IGCSE students go on to study Economics at A-Level because they are so inspired by the subject (that they knew very little about, before starting IGCSE. Here is some of my most recent feedback:

” Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for economics, the lessons and the TAGs. I found the lessons very enjoyable and interesting, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m looking forward to starting economics A level in September; because of this course you’ve opened up a whole new subject for me to explore!”

“Thought id let you know I’ve started a business, I’m selling sweet cones for Eid (its the equivalent of Christmas for us) so far I’ve had 11 responses, some quite large. Thanks for teaching me Business and Economics! … I thought I’d just update you on what happened with my business, I sold 140 sweet cones and I had over 600% more profits than the original investment”

“He has thoroughly grown to love Economics – you have instilled an enthusiasm for a subject which he was initially sceptical about!  Thank you. He is going on to study Economics at ALevel”

“Thank you so much for all the tuition, in sociology and economics. They are both subjects that I wouldn’t have thought I’d enjoy, but absolutely loved, found really interesting and will come in useful in general life.”

M and I would like to say a huge thank you for the excellent Economics course you have provided. M has found the content and resources to be exceptional and the online lessons combined with homework and recaps has been very effective at helping him learn. He has developed a love of economics and his learning has steered his future in a new direction. What started out as his ‘extra’ subject has now become his most prominent and inspiring one.  I will let you know what happens with M but for now he would like to study Economics at A-level next term if all goes to plan. Once again, sincerest thanks for your fantastic educational provision and tuition.

Why Study Economics? Money makes the world go around. It plays a big part in politics, society, law, geography, and almost everything else in life. Understanding how people, companies, and countries control their money is one of the most valuable skills to any employer. But, economics is much more than pounds and dollars. It’s a fascinating study of psychology, sociology, of why people make the decisions they make, and how resources are spread out around the world. (UCAS)

Spring News!

Well, we are having an exceedingly busy spring at HomeMadeEducation, managing the TAGs (Tutor Assessed Grades) process for over 150 young people, to ensure they get their grades this Spring, after exams were cancelled. We are delighted to be ensuring they have every chance of success this year!

In other news:

*our updated Spring brochure is available now, it can be found on our FAQs page; we have some delightful new courses available

*all of our September-start GCSE/IGCSE courses are now between 80% – 100% full; if you were waiting to enrol, you may want to do so sooner rather than later! (Don’t despair if the course you are interested in is full, there is a chance we may add an additional section)

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Announcing! ….

The NEW Spring/Summer/Autumn schedule of late-Primary, Secondary, GCSE/IGCSE and A-Level courses is LIVE now.

We have some old favourites and some exciting new courses available, do have a look, you’re sure to find something amazing for your young learner.

With a track record of fabulous feedback, personal home ed experience, professional expertise and a tremendous result in this past autumn’s GCSEs/IGCSEs … you can count on HomeMadeEducation to provide delightfully unique distance learning.

Our courses always fill fast, so have a look on the webpages or download the catalogue from the FAQs page, and let us know how we can help!

Interactive Courses and Clubs – New for Summer 2021

ZOOLOGIST CLUB (Spring/Summer) ~ Covering a new animal each week, we explore naming, kingdoms, habitats, ecosystems and conservation. From the teeny weeny to the massive, from animals with wings to those that have tusks, from bright pink to deep green – we take a virtual magnifying glass to the life of an amazing array of creatures. A unique Club, perfect for 9-11 yr olds.

THE ALICE CLUB (Spring/Summer) ~ come through the looking glass and join a world of adventure with Alice and friends, as we explore all manner of curriculum subjects, through a variety of fun and fascinating Club activities. Playing cards, flamingos, hats, tea parties and much more are used as ‘jumping off’ points, to explore topics from science to history – no two weeks are the same in Alice’s life! A unique club, perfect for 9 – 11 year olds.

LEADER OF THE LAND (spring/summer) ~ being a world leader takes courage, determination, creativity and just a wee bit of “just do as I say!!”” Develop your leadership and problem-solving skills by taking charge of an island nation – you’ll have some tough challenges to face, some tricky dilemmas, some extra-ordinarily risky choices to make. But you won’t be on your own, you will have trusted, experienced advisors there by your side, to help you along your way. You’ve got a few months to make your mark – will it be an impressive one?! A unique critical thinking course for 11 – 14yr olds.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CLUB (Spring/Summer) ~ Children are idea factories, problem solvers, creative thinkers! In this Club, we introduce entrepreneurial thinking and the principles of start up opportunities – guiding and supporting children to develop ideas and make decisions, from branding to marketing and ultimately bringing their idea into reality. Young people learn by real world experiences, the challenges and rewards that come from being an entrepreneur. Suitable for young people aged 11-14.

And if you are looking to stay on track with the curriculum, Ellis’s Worldventures are perfect: click PRIMARY or click SECONDARY

We hope you find something perfectly unique for your perfectly unique young person

Announcing – New Exam Skills and Revision Sessions

“Thank you SO much for the exam technique lesson … it was a game changer!”

www.HomeMadeEducation.com has a wide range of GCSE/IGCSE exam preparation and exam skills courses available starting in January, to help your young person develop both the skills they need and also a portfolio of work showing their knowledge and progression.

See the full range here … https://homemadeeducation.com/portfolio/exam_revision/

NEW! Ellis’s Worldventures

World-ventures – 5 different courses covering 5 core subjects, our inquisitive character ‘Ellis’ will take learners on an incredible journey through different times and places, exploring key curriculum topics along the way.

An unconventional ‘course’ where you can step into Ellis’s life of adventure and exploration. Written in first person, to the young person, Ellis brings ideas and concepts embedded within an entertaining storyline. These courses are designed to teach key curriculum ideas by building in foundation concepts without repetition and traditional ‘practice questions’.

Your young person will be eagerly anticipating Ellis’s weekly updates (with a lesson buried within!), activities, and interactions … a creative and interactive way to develop pre- and early-Secondary stage knowledge.


  • Worldventures runs over 50 weeks, with weekly updates every Monday
  • Each week brings Ellis’s “update” which includes:
    • a new engaging and interactive video story
    • Ellis’s Update – story document
    • engaging and interactive activities
    • (all with curriculum content built in!)
  • Just log in to our learning platform each week, and find the latest update from Ellis’s worldventure

Course Starts Dates: New enrolments for the full ‘course’ start on the 1st of each month

Course Fees:  Available for a yearly subscription fee of only £50

Primary (9-11yrs) Click here

Secondary (11-13yrs) Click here

Tutors and Exams – Exam Centres in the UK

We are delighted to say that we are working in partnership with Tutors and Exams, to help ensure that our UK exam candidates have access to great value, friendly and accessible exam centres.

All of our learner families are now entitled to the Partner fee when quoting our specific partner code, when booking an exam with Tutors and Exams. Do also note that their Access Arrangement fees, detailed in the fees list, have been reduced by 50% for this year!

We hope this gives you help and piece of mind,


Tutors and Exams provides examination and assessment facilities primarily aimed at private and home educated candidates. The company was established six years ago by husband and wife, Jenny & Chris Spraggett, both of whom have a wealth of experience working in the examination/education sector. In those intervening six years Tutors and Exams has evolved into a much valued and respected examination venue. 
Tutors and Exams currently have four examination centres located around the country: Bolton, Coventry, Wimbledon and Doncaster. We anticipate opening our fifth centre, located in Cambridgeshire, this Autumn in readiness for January 2021 and Summer 2021 exam series. All are approved for examination delivery by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). 

In addition to our examination centres we also have a dedicated Science laboratory based in Birmingham with the ability to deliver A Level Science practicals all year round (consecutive four day course for each subject, or intensive two day course over weekend).  We also have access to another Science laboratory located in a London school available to offer Science practicals outside of term time. 

In 2019/20 Tutors and Exams delivered examination assessment to over 2,400 learners. We cater for 95% of all GCSE/GCE and IGCSE subjects alongside Functional Skills and have a dedicated SEN specialist who can assist in organising access arrangements if required. 

We work in partnership with many large, respected distance learning providers, and we very much value the relationship we have with them to deliver high quality assessment to their candidates. We also accommodate private training organisations delivering qualifications to sizeable cohorts geographically spread throughout the UK. 
We provide examination facilities for a growing number of universities to facilitate their distance learning programmes.  The University of London, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University, Loughborough University and Edinburgh Business School are already valued clients. Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is also available too. 


Exam results and feedback

Success means different things to different people, and grades do not define any young person or their future potential. And a 5 can be a super achievement, just as a 9 can. Just a sample of the feedback from our learners, as exams results have come in this week. We’re so pleased for them, and how proud they are of their accomplishments!

*Dear Kate, I just wanted to let you know that of the three subjects that D studied with you/Caitlin, he achieved a 9 in Geography, an 8 in Business, and a 9 in English Literature!! Caitlin might be interested to know that he also got an 8 in English Language. Overall, he achieved the best grades at the test centre where he sat his iGCSEs 🙂  Huge thanks and credit to you and to Caitlin for your teaching and resources.  With thanks and appreciation, T (and D)

*M got 9 for her Literature; together with the 9 from last year for Language she’s super happy!!!🥳🎉 Thank you Caitlin so much for your help and support🙏

*I just wanted to let you know I got a 9 in Business and 7 in Psychology! Thank you so, so much for the amazing teaching, resources and hard work that you put into every lesson. I couldn’t have achieved those grades without your help! I especially loved the business course and was so pleased to get a 9 in that!! I will really miss lessons with you, but I have been inspired to do Business and Psychology a level at sixth form this year. Thank you for giving me a love for these subjects and for making every lesson so engaging and using lots of real life scenarios in every lesson!

* Huge thank you to Kate, Caitlin and Lucy for all the support and for being such amazing teachers ❤️ We’re very happy we discovered HomeMade Education, M thoroughly enjoyed her two years with you! We couldn’t have asked for better support during these unusual and difficult years.

*My daughter and I got 9’s in GCSE psychology!! Absolutely delighted 🙂 We only started in February so had to work super hard..but we absolutely loved the course and found it very interesting.

*M got a 7 for her English Lit! She is really pleased, as she didn’t do the live course and she was worried she hadn’t done enough!

*Just a quick email to say N got grade 7 for Psychology and Statistics and 8 in Business.
Thanks for your help and the great courses that helped her get there. N is now looking forward to getting fully stuck in studying English with Caitlin ready for next June.

*Thanks so much Kate and Caitlin. Our daughter got a 9 in Economics and English language today thanks to your courses! Also last year 8 in Geography and 7 in Business Studies! Signing out of home Ed nearly 🎉

*Thank you so much for your help and support this year!🙏 M received an 8 for her Biology, she’s super happy and very proud of herself!!🎉🎉

*Hi Kate. I wanted to text you to thank you for everything you’ve done for me these past 2 years. The Business course was very interesting and everything I struggled with you helped me resolve. Your course was great and I enjoyed doing it over these 2 years. My result came in today and I got an 8, which is better than anything I was expecting. I’m grateful for signing up to your course and just wanted to thank you.

*Hi Kate. We are delighted to let you know that S got Grade 7 for his statistics exam. Thank you for all your support. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

*Just to let you know S got 9’s in both business and psychology. Thanks so much for your help!

*R got a 6 – high B for Geography; S got 8 – A star!!! Thank you so much. Send our thanks to Lucy also and look forward to starting back in September x

*Hi Caitlin, L got a 7 in her history- thanks so much for all your help this year. 🙏😊🎉

*Dear Kate, I am pleased inform that S scored a 9 on her psychology paper. Thank you for your help and guidance through the year.

*Good morning Kate. I’m delighted to tell you that G got the following grades for the GCSEs she studied with you: Business Studies 8; English Language (Jan 22) 8; Travel & Tourism A; Environmental Management (Oct 21) A; Development Studies (Oct 21) A. We are absolutely over the moon and can’t thank you enough for everything you did!!

*Hi Kate, I just wanted to let you know how I did in Economics and I am happy to say I got a grade 8. This wouldn’t have been possible without all of your videos and notes.

*Hello Kate. Just want to say a huge thank you for your support throughout EM. I managed an A.
Thank you.

*Thank you so much for your help and support! E got a 7 in English Language and is very pleased! She loved your class!

*M got a 9! Thanks for everything x

*M got a 7 in English Lit. She’s really happy with it! X

*Good morning Kate!! Just to let you know that B got a grade 8 in her Psychology GCSE!! We’re over the moon!! Thanks again for providing such excellent courses.

*Hi Caitlin, E got a 9 in her English Language, she’s delighted! Thank you so much for all your support, E said you’re the best English teacher she’s ever had 🙌🏼🙌🏼

*My daughter enjoyed Kate’s geography course and achieved an 8 after a year of study – very happy to recommend!

*E is very very happy with her ‘A’ !! Thank you so much for your excellent classes. She really enjoyed the subject with you and that was reflected in her result! 🤩🎉🥳

*Hi Miss Kate, thank you for all your help with my Travel and Tourism exam. I got my results today, I got an A*! I definitely wouldn’t have felt as confident without your help and study tips (study skills from the development studies course as well). Thank you!

*Just to let Kate know L finally took the Travel and Tourism exam and this morning got an A grade. Thank you for the comprehensive notes.

*Thank you so much Kate! Grade 8 achieved in geography. We are delighted.

*B’s pleased with an A for Business Studies. That 1 to 1 worked! Thank you Kate !

*Just wanted to let you know that M got a B in his Travel and Tourism iGCSE. Thankyou so much for your help and support – you definitely saved the day! He’s looking forward to starting psychology with you in September.

*I got an A in environmental management! thank you so much for your great teaching, I obviously could not have achieved this otherwise. Thank you! 🙂

*A got a 9 for his geography and is super pleased. Thank you for a great course and your support.

A big “Well done!” to this year’s CIE IGCSE learners and their families.

A big “Well done!” to this year’s CIE IGCSE learners and their families. Very happy young people, so pleased with their successes. Just a sample:
~DD is very very happy with her ‘A’ !! Thank you so much for your excellent classes. She really enjoyed the subject with you and that was reflected in her result! 🤩🎉🥳
~Hi Miss Kate, thank you for all your help with my Travel and Tourism exam. I got my results today, I got an A*! I definitely wouldn’t have felt as confident without your help and study tips (study skills from the development studies course as well). Thank you!
~DD finally took the Travel and Tourism exam and this morning got an A grade. Thank you for the comprehensive notes.
~Thanks so much to you, DD has done a great job. Just waiting for 2 more results next week but already a great set of grades. Looking forward to her sister, starting with you next month
~Thank you so much Kate! Grade 8 achieved in geography. We are delighted.
~DS is pleased with an A for Business Studies. Thank you Kate ! x
~Just wanted to let you know that DS got a B in his Travel and Tourism iGCSE. Thankyou so much for your help and support – you definitely saved the day! He’s looking forward to starting psychology with you in September.
~ I got an A in environmental management! … thank you so much for your great teaching, I obviously could not have achieved this otherwise. Thank you! 🙂
~ DS got a 9 for his geography and is super pleased. Thank you for a great course and your support.