exam courses with autumn sittings

Thinking about a GCSE/IGCSE subject, which has exam timing in the Autumn?

HomeMadeEducation offers a range of subjects that can be written in the Autumn exam period (Oct/Nov) that can be started in January!

*CIE IGCSE Environmental Management

*CIE IGCSE Travel and Tourism

*CIE IGCSE Geography

*CIE IGCSE Business

*CIE IGCSE English

These are all available for enrolment now, so your young person can spread their studies and exams throughout the year.

*Edexcel IGCSE Economics and IGCSE English are also available in the January exam period, enrolling this January means a full 12 months of exam preparation.

Just contact us for more information! (run by a home educator, for home educators)