IGCSE Business Case Studies are Everywhere

Lots of Business Studies learnings on offer today at the Oracle in Reading! … 1) organic growth and location … Chick-Fil-A comes to Reading (let’s hope one of America’s favourite brands can survive this dismal location in the Oracle where many others have slowly died a death!) 2) Business failure and ecommerce/location … Paperchase is closing down (another high street brand suffering immensely) 3) employee motivation and customer service (our server/cashier at FiveGuys was having a fantastic time singing, dancing and laughing behind the cash register)

I love teaching IGCSE Business Studies with HomeMadeEducation, there are case studies everywhere!

Grades Aren’t Everything

Some feedback received this week: “My 15 year old daughter chose to take 8 GCSEs in 9 months and there was no way I was going to be able to keep on top of what she needed to be studying. It was so helpful to know that Business and Travel and Tourism were taken care of through Home Made Education. She got her T & T result this morning – a Grade B! And that’s in less than half the usual time taken to study. Business Studies results coming next week. I honestly can’t praise HME enough. Thank you!”    We love to help celebrate our students’ successess and it is important to remember that for some students, an A on a GCSE is a success and for others an IGCSE pass with a D is an equally laudible achievement!  We are all different and exam results don’t define who we are or what we will go on to contribute to the world.  Whatever your future holds, if you approach it with commitment, humour and compassion you are bound to do well! 🙂



As a student, my notes were often all over the place.  Memorably, my English teacher once asked me to please take English notes in English class, rather than drawing architectural plans on square-ruled paper while he lectured.  My response was “I get an A in this class, so can you leave me be?!”  Despite that, note-taking was indeed something I took seriously – I used my notes as my main revision tool in every class through High School, University Undergrad and Grad School (and graduating with honours!).

At HomeMadeEducation, we encourage all of our students to make their own notes … this article is a good reminder of why.



The Interesting English Language

The English language is fascinating and it is one of those urban myths that it is one of the hardest to learn.  So, if you have a learner in your house who is fascinated by words, here are some funny and enlightening links! …

Viking words we use everyday: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2W5jzMw4DFDCvP3jsFKcgQJ/ways-you-talk-like-a-viking-every-day

For the older learner, The History of the English Language in 10 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfKhlJIAhew

Classic ‘I Love Lucy’ episode with Ricky’s frustrations with English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZV40f0cXF4

TedEd: No such thing as correct Englishhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEFM905EOUk

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Summer/Autumn 2019 Festivals

OK, yes you may have to worry a bit about parking and about more people being at an event than, as a home educator, you are used to.  But summer festivals are a great opportunity to be out and about with kids of all ages and, quite often, provide inspiration for further projects and educational ideas to fill up other summer days.  And if you can include one as part of a summer stay-cation, even better.  Here are some top ideas from around the UK:

Curious Arts Festival, 23 – 26 August 2019, Pippingford Park, East Sussex

Edinburgh International Book Festival, 10 – 26 August, Edinburgh

Green Man Festival, 15 – 18 August, Brecon Beacons, Powys

Just So Festival, 16 – 18 August, Cheshire

The Big Feastival, 23 – 25 August, Kingham (Oxfordshire)

Outside of summertime:

Henley Literary Festival, 28th Sep – 6th Oct 2019

North Cornwall Book Festival,  10 – 13 October, St Endellion Church, Port Isaac

Bath Children’s Literature Festival, 27 September – 6 October 2019, Bath





Beatrix Potter’s Birthday

Beatrix Potter was born on this day (July 28) in 1866.
Many people don’t know that not only is she famous for her stories and artwork, but also she was a natural scientist!
Here are some excellent related resource ideas:
(our own KS3 and KS4 natural science resources will be launched this Autumn!  If that sounds like it would be right up your street, contact us to join our mailing list)

SummerTime ‘Exam’ Studies

So, it’s the summer.  September seems like ages away now.  You have probably wound down much of your learning, but in the back of your mind you might have a few niggly “But we could just get a bit of a head start on …” type thoughts.  If that’s the case, here are a few top tips to get a head-start on GCSE/IGCSE/A-Level topics without it seeming like formal learning:

a) Find newspaper articles related to your child’s upcoming subjects.  Almost every day, you can find online articles in The Guardian/Times/BBC about biology, sociology, English and more.  They make interesting reading and show how the subject is relevant in every-day life!  Here is a great business one: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jul/26/the-dyson-fan-which-keeps-the-queen-cool

b) Pick up a few ‘general interest’ books that cover the subject in an amusing, visual, or more engaging way than a textbook.  There are many for sale on websites like TheBookPeople for under £10 … this psychology book is fascinating and only £3.99: https://www.thebookpeople.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/qs_product_tbp?productId=952959

c) Browse the ‘Education’/’Learning’ pages from various museums and organisations and you will find a range of interesting resources and materials you can explore and use over the summer, such as this one from Cadbury: https://www.cadburyworld.co.uk/schools-and-groups/schools/resources

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