early bird enrolment

EARLY BIRD enrolment with HomeMadeEducation for September-start GCSE/IGCSE courses is now open!

Enrol now with only a small registration fee and take advantage of this year’s prices.

You can also take advantage of the early payment plan, to get the 10% advance discount!

*English – IGCSE English Language, IGCSE English Literature
*Science – IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Biology, IGCSE Double Science, IGCSE Astronomy
*Psychology/Sociology – GCSE Psychology, GCSE Sociology
*Geography/Environmental Management – IGCSE Environmental Management, IGCSE Geography
*Business/Economics – IGCSE Business, IGCSE Economics
*History – GCSE History, IGCSE History
*Travel & Tourism – IGCSE Travel and Tourism
*and a free GCSE/IGCSE Maths compendium

(And, available to start now, a range of early ‘preparation courses’, from Essay Skills to Study Skills to Taster Courses)

All of the information, and enrolment forms, are at http://www.homemadeeducation.com