Money management and financial understanding courses, new this spring from HomeMadeEducation!

Finance is a part of our everyday life, and having basic personal financial knowledge is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy, happy and secure life. Understanding the fundamentals of money, budgeting, saving and debt can:
• promote good savings habits
• encourage financial responsibility
• lead to financial health and positive attitudes around money
Young people should have the benefit of financial experience and education to make good decisions with money – big or small. Our ‘Money and You’ courses are created, developed and run by a business and economics specialist, and highly experienced educator. Engaging, interesting and dynamic courses to really inspire your young person.

There are three courses to choose from: KS2 – Money and You – Fundamentals; KS3 – Money and You – Intermediate; KS4 – Money and You – Your Money and Money and the World.

(And, we’re having a “Rishi Special” sale for Spring 2022, so they’re affordable and even better value!)

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