Interactive Courses and Clubs – New for Summer 2021

ZOOLOGIST CLUB (Spring/Summer) ~ Covering a new animal each week, we explore naming, kingdoms, habitats, ecosystems and conservation. From the teeny weeny to the massive, from animals with wings to those that have tusks, from bright pink to deep green – we take a virtual magnifying glass to the life of an amazing array of creatures. A unique Club, perfect for 9-11 yr olds.

THE ALICE CLUB (Spring/Summer) ~ come through the looking glass and join a world of adventure with Alice and friends, as we explore all manner of curriculum subjects, through a variety of fun and fascinating Club activities. Playing cards, flamingos, hats, tea parties and much more are used as ‘jumping off’ points, to explore topics from science to history – no two weeks are the same in Alice’s life! A unique club, perfect for 9 – 11 year olds.

LEADER OF THE LAND (spring/summer) ~ being a world leader takes courage, determination, creativity and just a wee bit of “just do as I say!!”” Develop your leadership and problem-solving skills by taking charge of an island nation – you’ll have some tough challenges to face, some tricky dilemmas, some extra-ordinarily risky choices to make. But you won’t be on your own, you will have trusted, experienced advisors there by your side, to help you along your way. You’ve got a few months to make your mark – will it be an impressive one?! A unique critical thinking course for 11 – 14yr olds.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CLUB (Spring/Summer) ~ Children are idea factories, problem solvers, creative thinkers! In this Club, we introduce entrepreneurial thinking and the principles of start up opportunities – guiding and supporting children to develop ideas and make decisions, from branding to marketing and ultimately bringing their idea into reality. Young people learn by real world experiences, the challenges and rewards that come from being an entrepreneur. Suitable for young people aged 11-14.

And if you are looking to stay on track with the curriculum, Ellis’s Worldventures are perfect: click PRIMARY or click SECONDARY

We hope you find something perfectly unique for your perfectly unique young person