IGCSE Environmental Management is a favourite amongst home educators.

Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management (0680)
IGCSE Environmental Management is a favourite amongst home educators. This is a fascinating course, which covers a wide range of subjects, from climate change to natural disasters to oceans and overfishing.

Environmental Management is concerned not only with the impact of humans on the planet but also with the patterns of human behaviour necessary to preserve and manage the environment in a self-sustaining way. Environmental Management recognises that human behaviour towards the environment is guided by the survival needs, perceptions and values of people. Underlying the syllabus there is a recognition that cultural, social and political attitudes directly influence the economy of nature. A core principle of the syllabus is that sustainability will only be achieved by changes in the ways in which people think and make decisions.

The syllabus is designed to teach learners about sustainable development in a world where the security of resources and life-sustaining systems is endangered by human impact. It draws upon disciplines such as biology,
Earth science, geography and economics.  Learners gain an understanding of the Earth’s natural systems and how people use natural resources; they then
investigate the impact of human development on the environment and learn how the environment can be managed sustainably in the future, from a local as well as a global perspective.

This course is available:   Online,Live – starting every September;  Online, FlexibleTiming – enrol anytime.     (It is possible to start with one format and then switch to another, especially if a learner would like to begin before a ‘Live’ start date).

This course includes all necessary materials; there is no textbook required to be purchased for this course.

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