A superb tutor and course isn’t just about knowledge, skill, background and professional qualifications (Kate has these in spades, scroll below to see her qualifications) … what young people need and deserve is … passion, enthusiasm, and a joy for a subject that you just won’t find anywhere else!   See for yourself … watch VideoA and Video B!

What really sets us apart … is Kate’s enthusiasm and passion for her subjects, her ability to delight and enthral, her ability to bring a subject to life and inspire young people.  Kate’s approach and personality are so rare, courses sell out months ahead of time ….

From S (a parent) You are an amazing tutor. I can’t thank you enough for everything, from the load of emails I sent you, the help I received, through every process and step. You are truly remarkable.
DD was upset on Wednesday saying I wish we could carry on, I don’t want the course to end, I want to hear more of Kate, she made the course so interesting, I never knew I would like Business so much. Thank you ever so much behalf of DD and myself

From L (a parent):  Wanted to say just how much DS is enjoying the mini neuroscience course with you. He absolutely looks forward to absorbing all of it each Friday morning and you completely hold his attention for the full hour which actually is saying quite a lot-he is is utterly engaged in the subject matter and your wonderful vivacious style of teaching and sharing your knowledge. So, a big thank you to you for offering your expertise in this way. So happy that we found you!

From M (a parent):  “M gets so excited with your lessons. He watched the recorded version and kept pausing it to say the answer. Thank you for being an amazing teacher. He finished with “mum i really love her lessons”! I couldn’t have taught him with the enthusiasm you have”

From B (a student):  Thank you so much for teaching me Sociology, I feel it has been one of my most formative subjects and has changed my world view….I felt it was important to thank you because you are a wonderful teacher and have taught me many subjects throughout my life that have made me a better, and more engaged student.  I wanted to let you know that I have chosen to study Psychology at A-Level, because ever since about … the 2nd lesson in your class, I was enraptured by the way humans work; I am hoping to do Psychology or Sociology at degree level, but if it weren’t for you, I may never have discovered either.  Both subjects taught me to better understand people and be more empathetic, and Sociology has made me realise I want to devote my life to activism and social change – so once again thank you, because from the bottom of my amygdala, I love your teaching and I can’t express exactly how much it has formed who I am today, and who I may be in the future.  I hope you teach many other students this passion and fascination.

From B (parent): Thanks very much for the two years T studied with you. She enjoyed both courses and as a result wants to study psychology at university.  We are grateful for the online, live courses and all extra support in between; a stark contrast to her experience at mainstream school.

From C and M (parent and student):  M and I would like to say a huge thank you for the excellent Economics course you have provided. M has found the content and resources to be exceptional and the online lessons combined with homework and recaps has been very effective at helping him learn. He has developed a love of economics and his learning has steered his future in a new direction. What started out as his ‘extra’ subject has now become his most prominent and inspiring one.  I will let you know what happens with M but for now he would like to study Economics at A-level next term if all goes to plan. Once again, sincerest thanks for your fantastic educational provision and tuition.

From A (a student): Thank you so so so much for this class, I loved it more than any I’ve been to before!! I really enjoyed the teaching style and the wonderful teacher! 

From R (a parent): I can’t tell you how much your classes are helping J learn how to learn. It’s not just that J finds you personally so engaging, which is rare in itself, but J is learning how to research and present ideas.

From K (a parent):  I am so impressed with your lessons. You are the first teacher he has ever worked with online, whose teaching style he liked! He said he learns a lot from you. You are so much more engaging than a lot of tutors we have tried. Thank you

From J (a parent): L is really enjoying the fashion history course, you’re brilliant!

From K (a parent): I can highly recommend Kate who runs Homemade Education. Amazing online teacher who really engages the children on a range of interesting subjects. 

From K (a parent): Wow! You are fantastic! It really is appreciated and we are so pleased we found you and your courses! Thank you!

The final student chat at the end of the very last Live, Online Sociology session of April 2020:

  • B: i like how everything comes together at the end
  • A: wow, thats crazy that we’ve done it all
  • C: thank you so much for this course i loved it
  • A: i’ve really enjoyed everything
  • A: and i feel like everybody has gotten so good at explaining things
  • B: it’s been a great class
  • D: thank you, it’s been really interesting
  • A: my favourite topic was education, even though it made the most sad
  • E: Thank you for the lesson, and thank you so much for the whole course. It’s been a pleasure learning sociology, I never would have thought it would be quite so interesting, but boy it was!
  • F: thank you ive really enjoyed it
  • A: you’ve been such a great teacher kate
  • B: gonna miss these lessons
  • D: I’m gonna miss the lessons too
  • E: Bye and thank you again! I really appreciate all the work you’ve put in to teaching us

From B (a student): Thank you so much for helping me and teaching me all through out this course; I really have loved learning it and I loved having you as a teacher.

From K (a parent): My girl studied Gcse psychology and loved it ( and got an ‘A’ at 14) – I am hoping she will want to go onto A level at some point as she still talks about everything she learned and clearly has an affinity for it!  I can’t recommend HME highly enough! Massive value for money and very approachable

From N (a parent): We’re doing the business and highly recommend it – the tutor definitely goes the extra mile for her students

From E (a parent): Highly recommend – the courses are excellent value and kate, the tutor, is brilliant. her feedback is very useful and ontime, she has a great sense of humour, and knows her stuff. my son has done several courses with them and we think the quality of materials is second to none!

From M (a parent): You made a big difference to D’s confidence and ultimately his grade

From K (a parent): You are the best! Why didn’t I discover you earlier in my home ed journey!!

From I (a student): Today I got my results for my economics IGCSE exam…an A!  I want to thank you so much for teaching me … I could not have achieved this mark without your skilled teaching and excellent help!

From K (a parent):  The lessons are fantastic! This is the best pre recorded lesson we have seen – honestly we have tried a few!

From B (a student): I think you’re a great teacher. Thanks to all of the amazing classes I feel confident and excited to do the exam

From S (a parent): Thank you for your courses Kate, N continues to thrive on them, after a bad experience with another distance learning company you have done wonders to rebuild her confidence in her academic ability again. Thank you!

From D (a parent):  We highly recommend HomeMadeEducation. My 14 year old has been studying GCSE Economics this year, online, and is motivated, interested, and eager to take more courses with her next year too.

From E (a parent):  It’s a pleasure to come across such a conscientious, organised, enthusiastic teacher as yourself! 

From M (a parent):  E  absolutely loves your class.  For a child who has found it almost impossible to write coherent tidy notes. Her files have been a revelation. Thank you for how you have been teaching the class. I never imagined she would enjoy Economics so much.

From R (a parent):  “I would like to thank you for being such an amazing teacher for M, as she has thoroughly enjoyed all her lessons with you. Every Tuesday she’d look forward to her lessons and not only was the subject interesting but also the way you taught it to your students with so much passion. M really felt like she was on track and knew exactly what she was doing because of your help and guidance. She’s going to really miss her lessons with you. You have done such a great job and I will definitely recommend you to others.  THANK YOU!

From E (a parent):  “My daughter E is really enjoying your class and you as a teacher!  Thanks so much for all the extra information you provide.”

From S (a parent): A is really enjoying your class and tells me what a great teacher you are!  I am glad that she is really enjoying your class so thank you.

From G (a student):  “You don’t find great people like you very often.  Thanks for teaching me; you’re a great teacher.”


Founder, owner and tutor:  Kat Sleep – My B.A.(Honours) is in Social Behaviour (Psychology and Sociology) and my MBA (Master of Business Administration) focused on Marketing (and was completed jointly in Canada and Finland).

For 15+ years, I held progressively senior roles (in the US, Canada and UK) in multi-national Fortune 500 organisations such as Kraft, Mars, Reuters, and Hutchison 3G.  I was a Director by the age of 35.    I then spent several years as the Tourism Officer on a remote group of sub-tropical Islands before moving into the field of Green Energy, Architecture and the Environment … winning a variety of industry awards. This experience then led to 10+ years of tutoring and lecturing at College and University level (to both undergraduate and graduate students).

I have also been home educating my two sons in the UK for 8+ years, tutoring and mentoring HE children, throughout that time.  In addition, I am an Education Embassador for the Museum of Brands, The MERL, and The West Berkshire Museum.

My students thrive on learning which offers both fun and creative elements, as well as a depth of detail and knowledge.  I use text, multimedia, practical examples, art & design to bring a subject to life!I am particularly proud of the fact that I have many repeat students, who complete several courses with me year after year!

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