GCSE/IGCSE On-Line Formats

Available in two different online formats, our online courses are definitely not dull and dry (as you might find with other online/correspondence courses).   That’s because we make sure to use interesting and timely examples, a wide range of multi-media, games, case studies, assignments, and a range of exploratory opportunities to give the subject interest, relevance, and enjoyment.

GCSE/IGCSE Courses are usually completed in 1 year in preparation for exams that year, but may be condensed or extended as needed.

On-line courses are available in two formats:

  1. Online ‘Live’ & interactive
    • weekly, scheduled live & interactive tutorials  (approx 1 hr) at regularly scheduled class times
    • weekly Notes with all the material for the week, plus a range of assignments and activities
    • regular live “office hours” (drop in sessions) with the tutor
    • regular and detailed homework feedback
    • materials available 24/7
    • class / group dynamics
    • detailed exam technique development, from week 1
    • revision support with tasks, documents and revision plans from week 1
    • all the benefits of a group lesson with the added benefits of distance learning
    • a full academic year of materials and full tutor support
    • live sessions begin each year in September
    • full/complete tutor support
    • cover the syllabus requirements
  2. Online Flexible Timing/Recorded
    • recorded tutorials that can be accessed at any time, and materials available 24/7
    • no scheduled class times so you can work at your own pace
    • all of the materials and support included in the Live format
    • enrolment at any time

All Online courses include:

    • Weekly Lesson Notes that feature:
    • the required content for the course specification
    • a range of weekly homework assignments
    • embedded links and videos
    • graphics/figures/illustrations/tables
    • appendices (when relevant)
    • a few jokes, cartoons and amusements
    • availability online 24/7 to access/print as needed
    • Additional support documents
    • a wide range of supplemental and support information is also available (additional fact sheets, case studies, research studies, etc.)
    • exam technique documents and assignments are available throughout the course, starting in week 1, to fully develop exam skills
    • revision technique documents and support are available throughout the course, starting in week 1, to fully develop revision skills
    • Weekly homework assignments
    • Exam technique and revision support from Week 1
    • regular live “office hours” (drop in sessions) with the tutor
    • a full course that covers the syllabus requirements
    • full/complete tutor support

*Online courses use an interactive online learning platform (Canvas), which offers learning tools such as a live classroom, messaging, interactive whiteboard, chat room, etc.; we do not use Skype or Skype-type video, to ensure privacy of all participants.