Edexcel English Language IGCSE – Specification B:   4EB1

English Language is a fundamental course for most young people taking GCSEs … the Edexcel English Language (Spec B) syllabus is a favourite amongst home educators.

Edexcel IGCSE English Language is a fascinating course that develops your ability to read and understand the conventions of a wide range of texts from classic literature to contemporary blog posts. You will enhance your ability to read critically and use the knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve your own writing. You will learn how to adapt your writing effectively and coherently to suit a variety of genres, audiences and purposes, while at the same time augmenting your vocabulary and written technical accuracy.

IGCSE English Language also provides opportunities to listen to and understand spoken language, and use spoken Standard English effectively. This is a practical course and an internationally renowned qualification in communication.

This is a 1 year/30 weeks course which covers all of the syllabus content as well as exam skills/exam preparation.
All tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses always:
○ cover the full exam board syllabus content
○ include weekly online tutorials (live/recorded), available 24/7 for the duration of the course
○ include a wide range of multi-media support materials
○ include a range of weekly assignments (including exam questions)
○ feature personal and detailed homework feedback (including specific advice on improvements/exam skills) on all homework submitted
○ include weekly online ‘live’ drop-in sessions for learners (just turn up to as many as you need) to discuss any topics/questions/issues
○ include a range of specifically-developed, unique and proprietary detailed supporting content that is available nowhere else
○ feature full and complete tutor support for the entire duration of the course
○ cover revision and exam skills as standard!

(Developed for completion within 1 ‘academic’ year …but … flexible and adaptable for shorter or longer timeframes)
This course includes all necessary materials; there is no textbook required to be purchased for this course.
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GCSE/IGCSE 1year courses are available in 2 formats (‘Live’ or ‘Flexible/Recorded) as young people often have a preferred way of learning; this makes it easy for you to tailor a course to your own needs. For more details about the ‘Live’ format and FlexibleTiming/Recorded’ formats … link to the Formats page

This syllabus has 1 exam paper: 3 hours   ….    Exam board syllabus: link

(We also have a range of short courses that support early preparation for IGCSE English before you start the IGCSE)


TO ENROL IN THIS COURSE – This course is available to start:  

* Online, “Live” format – starting every September (early enrolment to reserve a space is recommended, as this course fills very early)

* Online, “FlexibleTiming/Recorded” format – enrol and start at any time throughout the year

(It may be possible to start with the ‘flexible’ format and then switch to the ‘live’ format if a learner would like to begin before a ‘live’ start date but ‘live’ is their preferred format; do ask for more details).

For course fees, discounts, payment plans, and to enrol (or get further info) just follow this little … link to our FAQ page