GCSE Sociology is a favourite amongst home educators.

GCSE Sociology (AQA – 8192)
GCSE Sociology is an inspirational subject for many home educated learners.

Want to change the world, fight injustice, end inequality? Then sociology is for you! This subject has students develop an understanding about society, and how sociologists study and understand its structures, processes and issues. The course covers: society, education, class systems, poverty, families, crime, and social inequality.

Sociology – is the study of human social life, social relationships and society. Sociology examines how we interact with others and are influenced and shaped through being members of groups and organisations … sociology also examines how we influence and shape the groups and organisations we are part of. Sociologists try to understand the ways in which the choices of humans are limited or enabled by factors such as class, ethnicity, gender, age etc. And, sociologists try to understand how these things change over time, and why they change.

Sociology is an interesting field and relevant to careers such as business, government, social services, criminology. Sociology can help explain individual matters such as racial and gender identity, societal matters such as poverty and wealth, and global matters such as war and peace.

This course is available:   Online,Live – starting every September;  Online, FlexibleTiming – enrol anytime.   (It is possible to start with one format and then switch to another, especially if a learner would like to begin before a ‘Live’ start date).

This course includes all necessary materials; there is no textbook required to be purchased for this course.

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