Uncharted Territory – SCHA (6 sessions) … In this course, we explore the techniques and rules to create different types of charts and graphs, and why you can only use certain types of chart for certain types of data.  What is a population pyramid?  Are pie charts useful all of the time?   How do you read a histogram?  How can you turn a lot of information into an easy-to-understand visual?  

A superb course for understanding core visuals in mathematics.

This is an excellent stand-alone course but is also a perfect GCSE/IGCSE taster course for Statistics and any of the Sciences (Pure, Social, Earth)!

Subjects:  Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Environmental Management


This course is available for enrolment as follows:
1) online, FLEXIBLE: enrol and start at any time
(6 sessions – £45) Further details can be found here, on our FAQs page


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