Sustainable Tourism – STOU (6 sessions)  …Tourists are reaching the ‘four corners of the globe’ in greater numbers than ever before. And in their interest to take the perfect Instagram shot, or fulfil a ‘bucket list’ dream, they run the risk of destroying the very features they were attracted to in the first place.

In this course, we explore what sustainable tourism is, how it can work, and why more and more countries around the world are relying on changing how tourism happens. This course is a great stand-alone course but also is a GCSE/IGCSE taster course for Travel & Tourism and Environmental Management !

Subjects:  Geography; Travel and Tourism; Environmental Management


This course is available for enrolment as follows:
1) online, LIVE: next starting July 20th at 1:00
2) online, FLEXIBLE: enrol and start at any time
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