In this short course we are going to be looking at our organ systems and investigating the bigger picture within our bodies and looking at how our bodies manage to do all those incredible things it does without us having to tell it to – How do we fight off diseases? How does oxygen make its way to the cells that need it? We are going to be looking at our bodies on many different levels as we peel back the layers to discover how each system carries out its job and works alongside the other systems to ensure our bodies function in a dynamic and efficient way to meet all of its needs.

A set of six weekly sessions on organ systems covering – what is an organ system and then exploring the various organ systems in our body. Leaners will benefit from also doing ‘Cells: The Building Blocks of Life’ first, but this can also be a stand alone topic. Session 1: What is an organ/what is an organ system – digestive system; Session 2: The nervous system and homeostasis; Session 3: The muscular and skeletal system; Session 4: The respiratory and circulatory systems; Session 5:The Immune system and disease; Session 6: Summary and how they fit together

Subjects:  Biology; Human Biology

This course is an excellent stand-alone course and is also a PRE-IGCSE courses.


This course is available for enrolment as follows:
1) online, LIVE format: 1:30-2:30 on Wednesdays … 2nd June – 7th July


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