In this short course we are going to go down to the basic building blocks of life – cells, we will look at what a cell is made up of and how this varies between plants, animals and bacteria as well as exploring the complexities of different cell types within our own bodies – how are the cells that make up our muscles different to those that carry oxygen round our body? We will also learn how to use a microscope to identify these different types of cells and have a go preparing our own slides. We will then look at what happens when cells work together to perform a function and end up forming a complex organ like a heart or our lungs – in the final session I will be dissecting a heart to see what we have been learning in 3D and I invite those who would like to, to join in at home. 

This fascinating six week course covers ‘cells to organs’, covering the structure of  plant, animal and bacterial cells, how different cells are adapted to perform specific functions, how cells are grouped together in tissues and then organs to complete tasks within our body, we will particularly look at the heart and lungs. Session 1: What is a cell; Session 2: Cell differentiation; Session 3: Using a microscope, slide preparation and observing slides of cells we have studied; Session 4: Tissues; Session 5: Organs – lungs; Session 6: heart – dissection 

Subjects:  Biology; Human Biology

This course is an excellent stand-alone course and is also a PRE-IGCSE courses.


This course is available for enrolment as follows:
1) online, LIVE format: 1:30-2:30 on Wednesdays … 14th April – 19th May


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