Finance is a part of our everyday life, and having basic personal financial knowledge is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy, happy and secure life. Understanding the fundamentals of money, budgeting, saving and debt can:
• promote good savings habits
• teach financial awareness and responsibility; budgets that we learn how to actively manage, help us spend wisely
• affect one’s credit score which impacts your entire life: getting a job, applying for a credit card, renting a flat, buying a home or car, getting insurance, etc.
• lead to financial health and positive attitudes around money

Young people should have the benefit of financial experience and education to make good decisions with money – big or small. Our ‘Money and You’ courses are created, developed and run by a business and economics specialist, and highly experienced educator. Engaging, interesting and dynamic courses to really inspire your young person.

Money and You – KS4 – Part A: Your Money and Part B: Money and the World (CODE: SMON4) £75 

There are a wide array of topics covered in this course, to help today’s teens understand money management and key aspects of the financial system that they are starting to interact with …
Your Money

  1. How you feel about money
  2. Different ways of paying for things
  3. How Banks work and different types of bank account
  4. Debt, loans, credit cards and interest
  5. Savings and interest
  6. Mortgages and compound interest
  7. Budgets
  8. Making Choices
  9. Keeping your money safe
  10. Earning money, Work, Payslips and Deductions
  11. Insurance
  12. Government Benefits
  13. Credit scores
  14. Consumer rights
  15. Your future – student loans, pensions and more
  16. Income tax
    Money in Business and the Economy
  17. How businesses make money
  18. How start ups fund new businesses
  19. Other country’s money and Exchange Rates
  20. How Interest rates work
  21. Rising Prices (Inflation)
  22. Minimum wage and trade unions
  23. Supply and demand
  24. What is GDP and who cares about it
  25. Opportunity Costs and Sunk Costs
  26. Taxes and Government Spending

Each topic features: i) a pre-recorded tutorial (with interactive aspects that allow your young person to ‘play along at home’), ii) activities (assignments, quizzes, projects, etc.) , iii) a save-able information pack
And, at the end of each course, your young person is also eligible for a personal Certificate of Achievement.

~ Currently available for enrolment: Online, Flexible Timing/Recorded format – available to enrol and start at any time
~ Currently available for enrolment:
Online, Live format – stay tuned for 2023 days/times

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