Many people are fascinated by the night sky and are interested in stories about our continuing exploration of our Solar System and Universe. This course has been developed to build on that interest and to give an introduction to the subject of astronomy.  The course will enable students to understand our position in the Universe, the movements of planets and stars, the cycles in the night and daytime sky, and the way in which we use technology to observe and interact with space. Students will follow an incredible story of how scientists, from ancient civilisations to the modern day, have used their imagination and carefully recorded visual measurement to explore the Universe in which we live.

As part of an Astronomy GCSE you need to have two observations signed off with your exam centre, HME will support you with completing these in terms of knowing what to do as well as offering feedback and guidance with the write ups. However, it is your responsibility to complete these independently and arrange with your exam centre regarding having these officially ‘signed off.’  Not all exam centres offer this service so we strongly suggest communicating with your exam centre and potentially looking around at different centre options before signing up for this course to ensure you have a plan in place. (Our “Intro to Astronomy” short course is a good foundation course/taster course for this GCSE) 

(This course does use a textbook: GCSE (9-1) Astronomy – A Guide for Pupils and Teachers (5th edition) ISBN 978 0 9956483 0 2.  There is no specialist equipment needed)

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This course is available:   Online,Live – starting every September; Online, FlexibleTiming/Recorded – starting every September.


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