A-Level English Literature (CIE – 9695)
Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature in English develops a set of transferable skills. These include critical analysis, constructing arguments and presenting knowledge and understanding in a balanced, articulate and fluent manner. Learners of Literature in English will be well-equipped for progression to higher education or directly into employment; finding that the skills needed will support them in a wide range of subjects and real-world situations.

A-Level English Language (CIE – 9093)
Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language provides learners with the opportunity to study English language and its use in communication. Learners will be encouraged to respond critically to a wide variety of texts in a range of forms, styles and contexts, and to promote skills of communication, reading, research and analysis. Through their study, learners will develop an ability to read and analyse material, gaining further knowledge and understanding of English language features and issues. Learners will also develop the skills of writing clearly, accurately, creatively and effectively for different purposes and audiences.

A-level Psychology (Edexcel – 9PSO)
This is a fascinating course covering the follow areas, in-depth: Social psychology; Cognitive psychology; Biological psychology; Learning theories; Clinical psychology; Criminological psychology; Child psychology; Psychological skills: Methods, Synoptic review of studies, Issues and debates.

A-level Sociology (AQA – 7192)
This course examines two key themes: socialisation, culture and identity; social differentiation, power and stratification. The central focus of the specification is UK society today, including the siting of UK society within its globalized context.

A-level Business (Edexcel – 9BSO)
This course covers four of the key topics in Business, forming a firm foundation for further business studies: Theme 1: Marketing and people; Theme 2: Managing business activities; Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy; Theme 4: Global business

Each A-Level course runs over 2 years, 30 weeks per ‘academic year’, starting each September

Online, Live & Interactive format:
– live & interactive tutorials (1.5hr / week) with scheduled live tutorial times
– real time access to the tutor
– virtual class/group interaction
– 24/7 online learning platform
– weekly notes and assignments
– there are required textbooks for these courses
– all course fees include grading and detailed feedback for two past papers
– a wide range of revision materials are included, as well as detailed exam support and preparation

The Online, Flexible/Recorded format may also be available, depending on the course


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