HomeMadeEducation offers a 1 year Biology curriculum program for young people aged 12-14 (suits UK Year 8 or UK Year 9)
The full 1 year curriculum package includes each of the follow courses, to cover the main elements of the KS3 Biology curriculum, and build the foundation to prepare for KS4/IGCSE Biology.

Starting each September, the program includes 6 six-week courses, as follows:

The following 5 courses:
Cells: The Building Blocks of Life
Organ Systems and Our Bodies
Introduction to Genetics
Exploring Life Processes (‘live’ format is an option)
Incredible World of Plants (‘live’ format is an option)

Plus your choice of one of the following courses, for the sixth course:
o An Introduction to Forces
o Introduction to Electricity
o An Introduction to Chemistry
o What’s the Deal with Acids and Bases
o An Introduction to Organic Chemistry
o Practical Genetics
o An Introduction to Astronomy
o Exploring the Mysteries of Space

(the details about each of the above courses can be found HERE (click this link)🙂

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  • Available to start every September
  • Covers a full 36 weeks of learning materials, for a full ‘academic year’
  • Total combined fee for the program is £200 (which can be paid in two installments, Month 1 and Month 2), a savings of £70

Course Formats
These courses use the ‘flexible/recorded’ format (the ‘live’ format is optional also, if available during the year of enrolment)
All formats use the Canvas online learning platform (free to use, no downloads or payments required)

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To enrol or ask for further information, just complete the little form below: