Maths for AstronomyASTM (14 units,18ish hours of tutorials) £60 standard cost – £40 for students from Mickledore

This is a very bespoke set of tutorials designed exclusively for students taking a GCSE in Astronomy. They do not exactly follow the standard HME format due to the nature of the course. It is designed to help you to grasp the sometimes complex maths concepts that are required for the exam. You will need to be accessing a full course elsewhere.

These tutorials will walk you through how to complete the maths worksheets published by Mickledore Publishing and recommended for GCSE Astronomy. These are avaliable from and must be purchased in order to access this course. (They are a highly recommended resource for anyone studying Astronomy).

There are 14 units in this course, each going through one of the worksheets mentioned, some have more than one tutorial associated with them due to the length of the worksheet, each unit also has an assignment which is an exam question from a previous Astronomy exam which can be submitted to the tutor and will be marked and fed back on which will provide additional support when preparing for the exam. (HME Astronomy students will have access to these tutorials and the maths worksheets included in the cost of their GCSE course).


Currently available: Online, Flexible Timing/Recorded Format – available to enroll and start at any time

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