Edexcel IGCSE Physics (4PH1) Course (individual science)

A dynamic and engaging look at the universe and the world we live in, from Astrophysics to Forces and Energy.
Some of the aims and objectives of the Edexcel syllabus:
• learn about unifying patterns and themes in physics and use them in new and changing situations
• acquire knowledge/understanding of physical facts, terminology, concepts, principles and practical techniques
• apply the principles/concepts of physics to different contexts
• evaluate physical information, making judgements on the basis of this information
• appreciate the practical nature of physics, developing experimental and investigative skills
• analyse, interpret and evaluate data and experimental methods, drawing conclusions that are consistent with
evidence from experimental activities and suggesting possible improvements and further investigations
• prepare for more advanced courses in physics and for other courses that require
knowledge of physics.

The exam board syllabus can be found here … https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-international-gcses/international-gcse-physics-2017.html

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This is a 1 year/30 weeks course which covers all of the syllabus content as well as exam skills/exam preparation.
All tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses always:
○ cover the full exam board syllabus content
○ include weekly online tutorials (live/recorded), available 24/7 for the duration of the course
○ include a wide range of multi-media support materials
○ include a range of weekly assignments (including exam questions)
○ feature personal and detailed homework feedback (including specific advice on improvements/exam skills) on all homework submitted
○ include weekly online ‘live’ drop-in sessions for learners (just turn up to as many as you need) to discuss any topics/questions/issues
○ include a range of specifically-developed, unique and proprietary detailed supporting content that is available nowhere else
○ feature full and complete tutor support for the entire duration of the course
○ cover revision and exam skills as standard!
(Developed for completion within 1 ‘academic’ year …but … flexible and adaptable for shorter or longer timeframes)
This course has a required textbook.
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GCSE/IGCSE 1year courses are available in 2 formats (‘Live’ or ‘Flexible/Recorded) as young people often have a preferred way of learning; this makes it easy for you to tailor a course to your own needs. For more details about the ‘Live’ format and FlexibleTiming/Recorded’ formats … link to the Formats page

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TO ENROL IN THIS COURSE: this course is available to start:  

Online,Live – starting every September (early enrolment to reserve a space is recommended, as this course fills very early)

Online, FlexibleTiming/Recorded – starting every September (early enrolment to reserve a space is recommended, as this course fills very early)

For course fees, discounts, payment plans, and to enrol (or get further info) just follow this little … link to our FAQ page

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