thin pie

Pumpkin Pie STEM  – F208  (Foundation Mini Course – 6 sessions x 40 mins)

Using the humble pumpkin pie as our foundation, we look at science, technology, engineering and mathematics  ….  from how do pumpkin seeds help you sleep to how to create the perfect pie chart to why is the ratio ‘pi’ so important.  We take a project based approach to explore facts, functions,  formulas and formulations.

Subject: science, technology, engineering and mathematics


  • Courses run over 6 weeks
  • Live&Interactive sessions run approx. 40 minutes and are recorded for later viewing 24/7
  • Engaging and challenging weekly, self-led, “marked” assignments are also included (optional)
  • This course offers opportunity for discussions and interaction with diverse classmates from around the world; independent projects and activities; direct tutor feedback; and much more!

Course Starts:
Online, Live&Interactive:   Sat Aug 1 through  to Sat Sept 5, 12:00noon (UK)
Online, Flexible Recorded:  Nov 1st, onward


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