Maths in Art & Design – PMDA (4-session course – £30)

Mathematics and art intersect in our world in beautiful ways, particularly when it comes to design. Without mathematics and artistic vision, we wouldn’t have the amazing textiles, phenomenal buildings, or dramatic interiors that thrill and delight all of us. An excellent introduction to: geometry, symmetry, angles, polygons, translations, transformations and more!

Subject: mathematics, art and design

Each short course includes: weekly online, video tutorials; a wide range of opportunities to be inspired and be creative (projects, quizzes and activities with personal feedback); weekly learning documents plus extra support materials and resources; direct access to a passionate, knowledgeable tutor; easy access via the online Canvas learning platform (and Zoom)

Our courses for 9-11 year olds are available to enrol in year-round, with both an “Online, Live” format as well as an “Online,Flexible Timing/Recorded” format, subject to availability.   

~ Currently available for enrolment: Online, Flexible Timing/Recorded Format – available to enrol and start at any time
~ Currently available for enrolment: Online, Live Format – stay tuned for 2023 days/times 


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