Maple Syrup Maths – PMAP (a 4 session short course – £30)

This tasty course uses maple syrup, made from one of the world’s most unusual natural resources, to explore a variety of Mathematical concepts. We explore fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry and more … using fun and interesting examples and problems, ranging from forestry preservation to chipmunk prevention to pancake throwing contests!


Each short course includes: weekly online, video tutorials; a wide range of opportunities to be inspired and be creative (projects, quizzes and activities with personal feedback); weekly learning documents plus extra support materials and resources; direct access to a passionate, knowledgeable tutor; easy access via the online Canvas learning platform (and Zoom)

Our courses for 9-11 year olds are available to enrol in year-round, with both an “Online, Live” format as well as an “Online,Flexible Timing/Recorded” format, subject to availability.   


~ Currently available for enrolment: Online, Flexible Timing/Recorded format – available to enrol and start at any time
~ Currently available for enrolment:
Online, Live format – stay tuned for 2023 days/times

If you would like to enrol your child, please use this simple little form below …