EE1:        IGCSE English Language Preparation … get ready to begin your IGCSE studies next academic year by learning the basics of the skills that you will need to succeed. This course will help you to be able to read and understand a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, read for meaning, use quotations, comment on the writer’s use of language, form and structure, and make connections and comparisons between texts. We will also develop your writing skills by exploring the purposes and conventions of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, practice planning, drafting and editing and improve your vocabulary and use of literary and rhetorical devices.

Subjects:  English


  • Courses run over 6 weeks
  • 6  *  55minute   fun and interactive tutorials
  • Engaging and challenging weekly activities are also included (optional)
  • This course offers opportunity for discussions with diverse classmates from around the world; projects and activities; tutor feedback; and much more!
  • This course is available in two formats: Online,Live and Online, Recorded/Flexible Timing


Course Timings: hme-winter-spring-2021-english-course-schedules-1DOWNLOAD


Course Fees:  £60 GBP (discounts available for multiple course enrolments)


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