GCSE/IGCSE Exams – Access Arrangements

“Access arrangements” refers to ‘reasonable adjustments’ put in place during exam sittings to assist students who have special educational needs, disabilities or other difficulties, which ensure that they are not at a disadvantage.   They may include: use of technology (laptop or reader pen), extra time, opportunities for breaks during the exams, a separate room, a scribe or a reader, etc.

If you are applying to your exam centre for Access Arrangements, we are always here to help and support, and can provide documentation and additional supporting information about your young person’s needs, requirements, and ‘usual way of working’. And of course, there’s no extra fee or otherwise for doing this on their behalf; we wouldn’t dream of it!

*remember that many exam centres will require your application for Access Arrangements/exam booking much earlier than for bookings without

*many exam centres have a limited number of laptops, extra rooms, etc. … so again, we advise that you apply as early as possible

*your exam centre can tell you their specific process and requirements

*and the earlier you contact us, about your young person’s special educational needs, disabilities or other difficulties, the better – so that we can support your application to ensure that they are not at a disadvantage

Being part of your young person’s educational journey is a privilege, and we aim to do everything we can to help ensure that they have the very best possible chances of success.

(We can also provide predicted grades and references for colleges and sixth forms*)

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