We offer a full 1 year curriculum program for young people aged 9-11 (suits UK Year 5 or UK Year 6) which combines the curriculum programs for 5 subjects, all in one – Maths, English, Geography, History and Science, plus Art&Design. Ellis’s Worldventures delivers the UK National Curriculum in a delightfully unique and interactive way:

The full 1 year curriculum package includes all of the follow courses, to cover all 5 of the core subjects:
* Ellis’s Worldventures – Mathematics
Some of the topics covered within Ellis’s Worldventures include: whole numbers, negative numbers, rounding, order of operations, fractions, decimals and much more!
* Ellis’s Worldventures – English
Some of the curriculum topics covered in Ellis’s Worldventures include: root words, prefixes and suffixes, distinguish between statements of fact and opinion, metaphor, simile, analogy, imagery, and more!
* Ellis’s Worldventures – Geography
Some of the curriculum topics covered include: physical geography, human geography, latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, the Prime/Greenwich Meridian, time zones and more!
* Ellis’s Worldventures – History
Some of the fascinating topics covered within Ellis’s Worldventures include: stone age, bronze age, iron age, the Roman Empire, the Aztecs, the Industrial Revolution, Chinese Dynasties and more!
* Ellis’s Worldventures – Science
Some of the fascinating topics included within Ellis’s Worldventures include: classification systems and naming, human biology (circulation, respiration, brain function), adaptation, light, electricity and more!

Plus your choice of one of the following Art & Design courses:
a) Maths in Art & Design
b) Green Architecture
c) Famous Buildings and Architects

(the details about each of the above courses can be found HERE (click this link))

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  • Available to start the first Monday of any month
  • Covers a full 50 weeks of learning materials for all of the Ellis’s Worldventures subjects plus an Art&Design subject
  • Total combined fee for the 1 year program is £200 (which can be paid in two installments, Month 1 and Month 2), a savings of over £75
  • A fun, engaging, unique way to cover a substantive range of curriculum topics

Course Formats
I) Ellis’s Worldventures uses a unique, interactive weekly ‘timed drop’ format
II) Art & Design courses use the ‘flexible/recorded’ format (the ‘live’ format is optional also, if available during the year of enrolment)
All formats use the Canvas online learning platform (free to use, no downloads or payments required)

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To enrol or ask for further information, just complete the little form below: