Exams, Evidence and Coursework

Though one exam board has published its Autumn exam dates, the others haven’t yet and even January / Spring exams for 2021 may be influenced by COVID19 issues.

Our GCSE/IGCSE courses offer a wide range of assignments, assessments and papers throughout the duration of the course.  This is important because it can show progress throughout the year and create a body of ‘evidence’ that may be used in the event of ‘coursework’ being considered for final grades, again.

In addition, we have extensive experience working with, and have built positive relationships with, many exam centres across the UK to provide ‘exam evidence’ – so our learners are in the best position to earn grades in these uncertain times.  We are a DLP for Tutors and Exams, have a solid relationship with Faregos, and also with many exam centres and schools across the UK.

In these uncertain times, using this past spring’s experience to learn from, and planning ahead with ‘Plan B’ scenarios, can be some of the best approaches to help young people through exams and try to minimise the stress and anxiety that develops.