End of Term Conversations

I wanted share the final student chat at the end of our very last Live, Online Sociology session today. A group of warm, kind, accepting, young people who were a delight to spend the year with:

B: i llike how everything comes together at the end

A: wow, thats crazy that we’ve done it all

C: thank you so much for this course i loved it

A: i’ve really enjoyed everything

A: and i feel like everybody has gotten so good at explaining things

B: it’s been a great class

D: thank you, it’s been really interesting

A: i feel like everybodys really intelligrent

A: my favourite topic was education, even though it made the most sad

E: Thank you for the lesson, and thank you so much for the whole course. It’s been a pleasure learning sociology, I never would have thought it would be quite so interesting, but boy it was!

A: absolutely ‘E’

F: thank you ive really enjoyed it

D: Thank you!

B: well said ‘E’

A: you’ve been such a great teacher kate

KS: Aww thanks

A: thank so much

B: gonna miss these lessons


KS: You guys are a fab group!

G: Thank you!

D: I’m gonna miss the lessons too

B: thanks everyone

C: thank you bye

A: i loved seeing everyboys perspectives

KS: Stay safe and well!

A: *everybody’s

E: Bye and thank you again! I really appreciate all the work you’ve put in to teaching us

B: thank you very much kate, it’s been great