Grades Aren’t Everything

Some feedback received this week: “My 15 year old daughter chose to take 8 GCSEs in 9 months and there was no way I was going to be able to keep on top of what she needed to be studying. It was so helpful to know that Business and Travel and Tourism were taken care of through Home Made Education. She got her T & T result this morning – a Grade B! And that’s in less than half the usual time taken to study. Business Studies results coming next week. I honestly can’t praise HME enough. Thank you!”    We love to help celebrate our students’ successess and it is important to remember that for some students, an A on a GCSE is a success and for others an IGCSE pass with a D is an equally laudible achievement!  We are all different and exam results don’t define who we are or what we will go on to contribute to the world.  Whatever your future holds, if you approach it with commitment, humour and compassion you are bound to do well! 🙂