Secondary Age Courses – Fascinating subjects, engaging tutors!  Keep your young learner in touch, in-the-know, and inspired with  courses that delight and enthral.   

Each short course includes:
• weekly online, video tutorials (recorded, for later viewing 24/7)
• a wide range of opportunities to be inspired and be creative  
• projects, quizzes and activities with personal, detailed feedback
• weekly learning documents plus extra support materials and resources
• direct access to a passionate, knowledgeable tutor
• easy access via the online Canvas learning platform (and Zoom)
Suitable for ages 11+ (specific age ranges may be indicated for individual courses), each course is a custom-developed standalone course that covers key topics in detail.   Many of these courses are also GCSE/IGCSE preparation courses or GCSE/IGCSE  taster/trial courses – so your young person can get a head-start on a subject (this is indicated in the course information)

Our courses are perfectly suited to  a variety of approaches to home education:

Unstructured – Many young people choose a course simply because they are fascinated by the subject; if you follow an unstructured or child-led approach to home education, exploring different subjects as your child develops their interests, our courses fit right in.   Activities and projects are optional, you can watch and rewatch recordings on your own schedule!

Semi-structured – You / your child might approach some specific subjects with the aim of making clear progress through set stages, as part of a longer term plan (while other subjects/topics are approached in a more spontaneous manner).  If this sounds like you, activities and projects can be an excellent way of recording progress and building a portfolio of knowledge.  It may also be important to you, to have a record of your child’s efforts and progress – for either your own purposes or for your local education authority.

Structured – If you / your child like to follow a structure and routine, record effort, and measure progression, then we provide easy to use tools to do so.