About GCSEs and IGCSEs

The  General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) are internationally used, specialised, English language curriculum available for students usually moving on to the International Baccalaureate or A-level.

GCSEs and IGCSEs are exam-based and designed to test knowledge and understanding in a subject in the same way as Advanced Placement exams and SAT Subject Tests.

GCSEs and IGCSEs are ideal for international students, English as a second-language (ESL) students, home schoolers and adult learners.  They are comparable to many Secondary School curricula worldwide the American GED or High school diploma, Hong Kong’s HKCEE and Singapore’s O-Level.

GCSEs and IGCSEs prepare students for further academic study, including progression to AS Level and A Level study, Cambridge Pre-U, IB Diploma Programme and other equivalents. They are recognised by academic institutions and employers around the world.  GCSEs are usually needed to get into UK universities.

GCSEs and IGCSEs are qualifications that show you have a good level of knolwedge in a subject.  GCSEs and IGCSEs are recognised by employers and post secondary institutions in the UK.

Young people usually take GCSEs between the ages of 13 and 18. With us, you can take them at any age.   We offer real-time, live online courses as well as flexible/recorded courses.  You can pick the style that suits so you can study at your ideal time and pace.

Our students are supported by a one-to-one tutor who is a subject specialist. We use an easy-to-use online learning portal for all of our courses, giving one-to-one learning opportunities as well as a friendly online learning community. Your tutor will help you succeed via: a range of custom-developed course materials, feedback on course assignments and exam preparation.

Our students are fully supported until the first available exam writing;  the option to extend to a later exam is always available.