On-Line Format

Available in two different online formats, our online courses are definitely not dull and dry (as you might find with other online/correspondence courses).   That’s because we make sure to use interesting and timely examples, a wide range of multi-media, games, case studies, assignments, and a range of exploratory opportunities to give the subject interest, relevance, and enjoyment.

GCSE/IGCSE Courses are usually completed in 1 year in preparation for exams that year, but may be condensed or extended.


On-line courses are available in two formats:

  1. Online ‘live’ & interactive
    • weekly, scheduled live & interactive tutorials  (1 hr per week) plus an additional 1 hr pre-recorded informational tutorial
    • scheduled class times
    • regular live office hours with the tutor
    • materials available 24/7
    • class / group dynamics
    • interactive online class discussion forums
    • all the benefits of a group lesson with the added benefits of distance learning
    • 30 complete lessons over three terms
  2. Online pre-recorded
    • pre-recorded tutorials that can be accessed at any time
    • regular live office hours with the tutor
    • materials available 24/7
    • no scheduled class times
    • work at your own pace
    • these sessions can be enrolled in at any time throughout the year
    • 30 complete lessons

Online courses use an interactive online learning platform, which offers learning tools such as a live meeting room, messaging, interactive whiteboard, chat room; we do not use Skype or Skype-type video, to ensure privacy of all participants.




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