Printed Format

Printed course packs are perfect for students who work better with pen and paper and are not fond of working online.  For this course format, the course pack is printed and posted to you; this allows flexibility and freedom to work to a schedule that suits you, with hard copies of everything you do.  Courses are usually completed in 1 year in preparation for exams that year, but may be condensed or extended.    These courses can be enrolled in at any time throughout the year.


What is included:


  • interesting, engaging and up-to-date multi-media materials
  • a wide variety of tasks, case studies and examples
  • supplementary materials, assignments, activities
  • weekly assignments, activities, case studies and homework to help students gain study skills / independence and develop solid revision skills from the beginning of the course – with fast and helpful assignment feedback
  • weekly lesson notes which feature a wide variety of up-to-date embedded materials including graphics/figures/illustrations/tables

Weekly lesson documents, which feature:

  • required content for the course specification
  • a range of weekly homework assignments (marked and graded with personal, detailed feedback)
  • embedded links and videos
  • graphics/figures/illustrations/tables
  • appendices (when relevant)
  • a few jokes, cartoons and amusements

Additional support documents

  • a wide range of supplemental and support information is also available (additional fact sheets, case studies, research studies, etc.)
  • exam technique documents and assignments are available throughout the course, starting in week 1, to fully develop exam skills

Weekly homework assignments

Exam technique and revision support from Week 1

  • Exam technique and guidance
  • Revision materials
  • A range of weekly homework assignments that include exam-style questions (marked and graded, with personal feedback)
  • Supplementary information and documentation
  • Full year support, guidance and assistance
  • Time management, revision, exam-writing guides
  • Tutor access via email, phone and post
  • Year-round entries

**Our GCSE/IGCSE courses offer a wide range of assignments, assessments and papers throughout the duration of the course.   These are marked and detailed, personal feedback given. In addition, we have extensive experience working with, and have built positive relationships with, many exam centres across the UK to provide ‘course evidence’ and ‘evidence of progression’- so our learners are in the best position to earn grades in these uncertain times.


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