HomeMadeEducation offers custom-designed English “Short” courses, “Intensive” courses, and “Full 1-year” IGCSE English Language and ww logoEnglish Literature courses (in partnership with Ms. Caitlin Kendall, of Woodland Writers).

English Language is the study of how language works, across a range of texts.   English Language IGCSE/GCSE is considered a ‘required’ subject by many further and higher educational institutions. The English Language exams are based: on the skills of reading and writing; understanding of a variety of text types; the ability to write convincingly.

English Literature IGCSE concerns the in-depth study of works of literature … novels, plays and poetry.   English Literature exams are based on: the skills needed to understand pieces of literature;  knowing about events, characters and themes; recognising styles and techniques

KS3/KS4/IGCSE English Short Courses and Intensive Courses … please click HME Winter Spring 2021 English Courses to download details!

IGCSE English Language and IGCSE English Literature (1 yr Courses) are available in 2 formats (Online, Live;   Online,Pre-Recorded) … please click on one of the links below for more details

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To note: our courses offer a wide range of assignments, assessments and papers throughout the duration of the course; we have extensive experience working with, and positive relationships with, many exam centres across the UK to provide ‘exam evidence’ so our learners are in the best position to earn grades in these uncertain times. 

A-Level English Language and Literature:  we now offer A-Level English Language and Literature. Contact us to stay in touch.

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