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The Silk Road  – F207  (Foundation Mini Course – 6 sessions x 40 mins)

When spices were more precious than diamonds, trade across Asia in the Middle Ages didn’t just bring food, but also ideas, mathematics and philosophies.  We explore why the Silk Road was so important,  as we investigate the different goods that were traded, including silk, teas, salt, sugar, porcelain, spices and cotton.

Subject: history, business, economics, philosophy, design and inventions


  • Courses run over 6 weeks
  • 6  *  40-50minute   engaging and interactive tutorials
  • Engaging and challenging weekly activities are also included (optional)
  • This course offers opportunity for discussions with diverse classmates from around the world; projects and activities; tutor feedback; and much more!

Course Starts:
Online, Live&Interactive:  Spring 2021
Online, Recorded/Flexible Timing:  Anytime


Course Fees:  £26 GBP (discounts available for multiple course enrolments)


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