Functional Skills may be the perfect qualification, or stepping stone qualification, for your young person. Doing the
research and understanding your young person’s strengths and potential is, of course, vital.

Many home educators choose Functional Skills because:
o tests can be taken year round (there isn’t a set ‘exam season)
o fewer learning hours are required, compared to a GCSE/IGCSE
o there is a real-life focus to the required content
o ability at Level 1 or Level 2 may enable a young person to enter a College or Apprenticeship programme
o can provide foundation knowledge and confidence, as well as being a good point to starting earning qualifications
o all of the assessments may be able to be completed online, depending on your exam centre

OUR COURSES (English Functional Skills):

FS – Speaking and Listening – FSSL – (4 sessions – £45) – 13+
Functional Skills English: Speaking and Listening
In this first of our new Functional Skills English courses, we will cover: preparing and delivering a presentation,
active listening skills, and working in role to make sure that you have all the skills you need to ace the spoken
component of Functional Skills English up to and including Level 2.
Available: Online, Flexible Format – enrol at anytime
Available: Online, Live – Thursdays 1-2pm 12th Jan, 19th Jan, 26th Jan, 1st Feb (4 weeks)

FS – Writing – FSWR – (4 sessions – £45) – 13+
Functional Skills English: Writing
The second part of our new Functional Skills series.
Learn how to improve your non-fiction writing skills for everyday life. Practice writing letters of application and
complaint, sending emails, writing articles and reviews. We will develop your familiarity with the genre
conventions of a range of different text types, as well as vital skills such as planning, drafting, editing, and
proof-reading so that you can confidently express yourself in writing whatever the occasion.
Available: Online, Flexible Format – enrol at anytime
Available: Online, Live Thursdays 1-2pm 2nd March, 9th March, 16th March, 23rd March (4 weeks)

FS – Reading – FSRG – (4 sessions – £45) – 13+
Functional Skills English: Reading
In this third of our Functional Skills English courses, we will cover: finding and retrieving information in a text,
using quotations, identifying bias, identifying the writer’s purpose, commenting on the ways that writer’s use
language to create meaning and effects. We will equip you with the strategies and frameworks you need to
develop your reading comprehension skills and your ability to engage with a range of non-fiction texts.
Available: Online, Flexible Format – enrol at anytime
Available: Online, Live – stay tuned for Spring/Summer 2023 days & times

More about Functional Skills, from Ofqual:
“Functional Skills are applied qualifications which enable students to demonstrate real-life skills in English, mathematics
and ICT. They are recognised as gateway qualifications, used in many existing apprenticeships and by students who may
not yet have achieved a GCSE grade C or above; they are widely used in adult education. City & Guilds and Pearson are
the most commonly used awarding organisations for Functional Skills.
Functional Skills qualifications in English are available at Levels 2 and 1, and entry levels 3, 2 and 1. Each qualification is
separate and assessed independently. Functional Skills subject criteria specify the skills, standards, coverage and range
for each subject and level. English has three components: reading; writing; speaking, listening and communication; in
English, all three components must be passed in order to achieve a pass in the subject. Grading (when you complete your
assessment(s) at your exam centre): Pass or Fail. To prepare for Functional Skills assessments, Ofqual recommends 45
learning hours overall. Functional Skills Level 2 are accredited at Level 2 (the same difficulty as GCSEs grade 9-4) but
feature a narrower range of content and in terms of “Guided Learning Hours” a Functional Skills Level 2 is worth less than half of a GCSE. To learn more about functional skills, visit: and To learn more about how functional skills are assessed, contact your local exam centre (you can find a list of some here: )

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