Marvellous Marketing  – B302  … Marketing and Advertising – we explore the 4P’s – product, price, promotion and place.

We review some of the best and worst examples of advertising, evaluate products and services that should never have been launched, and consider brand names that will make you laugh out loud! 

This is an excellent stand-alone course but is also a perfect GCSE/IGCSE taster course!

Subjects:  Business; Economics; Travel&Tourism


  • Courses run over 6 weeks
  • 6  *  55minute   fun and interactive tutorials
  • Engaging and challenging weekly activities are also included (optional)
  • This course offers opportunity for discussions with diverse classmates from around the world; projects and activities; tutor feedback; and much more!
  • This course is available in two formats: Online,Live and Online, Recorded/Flexible Timing


Course Timing:

  • Online, Live:   Spring 2021
  • Online, Recorded/Flexible Timing:   Enrol at any time


Course Fees:  £30 GBP (discounts available for multiple course enrolments)


To enrol, please complete the little form below: