English language is a fundamental course for most young people taking GCSEs ww logo… the Edexcel English Language (Spec B) syllabus is a favourite amongst home educators.

Edexcel English Language IGCSE – Specification B:   4EB1
Edexcel IGCSE English Language is a fascinating course that develops your ability to read and understand the conventions of a wide range of texts from classic literature to contemporary blog posts. You will enhance your ability to read critically and use the knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve your own writing. You will learn how to adapt your writing effectively and coherently to suit a variety of genres, audiences and purposes, while at the same time augmenting your vocabulary and written technical accuracy. IGCSE English Language also provides opportunities to listen to and understand spoken language, and use spoken Standard English effectively. This is a practical course and an internationally renowned qualification in communication.   (This course is available:   Online,Live and Online, FlexibleTiming – starting every September.)

This syllabus has 1 exam paper: 3 hours.

Exam board syllabus: link

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