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Examining less economically developed countries, we look at the changes in society that encourage or hamper human development. Exploring the interaction between economic, geographical, social and political processes, learners gain a greater awareness of the local, regional and national issues that affect International Development.

The course is designed to help young people become more aware of the local, regional, national and international issues that affect International Development so that they will take a more informed and positive role in shaping the societies in which they live.

International Development deals with changes in how society works and the way in which these changes support or obstruct the greater realisation of human potential.  It concentrates mainly on issues that are particularly relevant to the less economically developed countries and emphasises how economic, environmental, social and political processes interact.

This course provides learner with a range of lifelong skills, including:

  • an awareness of crucial global issues
  • the ability to use knowledge of international development issues to work towards ending poverty, exploitation and environmental destruction
  • an understanding of how social, economic, political and environmental systems relate to each other
  • an understanding of how international development at different levels interrelates
  • the ability to assess different international development strategies and experiences
  • the ability to analyse international development within the context of a given society
  • an understanding of the constraints on international development
  • an understanding of the potential supply of resources in their own environment
  • an understanding of the attitudes, values and beliefs of others
  • greater respect for human rights
  • greater self-awareness.

The course includes:

  1. 30 weeks of Lessons, with each week’s materials including: weekly proprietary lesson Notes (no textbook is required), weekly proprietary lesson Videos, and a range of additional supplementary multi-media materials
  2. weekly assignments and projects
  3. regular, unlimited tutor support via email*

Overall, the course covers 1 academic year (30 weeks, and involves approximately 120learning hours).  The course can usually be completed within 12 months of enrolment, however as learners progress through the course at a self-led pace, they can extend or condense the learning hours if needed.   Available year-round, in the flexible/recorded format.

Course fees:

£200.00 – full course access (self-graded assignments + certificate)

(This course is popular with our international students, so do contact us for fees/payment details in your local currency)

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