IGCSE Business is a favourite amongst home educators.

IGCSE Business (Edexcel 4BS1 and CIE 0450)
Perfect for the want-to-be corporate tycoon or enterprising entrepreneur! This subject covers both big business and small business, spanning a range of vital and interesting business topics: business activity and the changing environment; human resources; accounting and finance; marketing; production.

Students will develop knowledge and understanding of: how businesses operate; different functions within businesses; differences between business types. We will explore different business contexts ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals as well as how businesses operate in local, national and global contexts.  Perfect for students with an entrepreneurial bent as well as those interested in medium and large businesses as well!

People in business … looks at people in organisations, focusing on their roles, relationships and management in business.
Business finance … explores the use of accounting and financial information as an aid to decision making.
Marketing … focuses on identifying and satisfying customer needs in a changing and competitive international environment.
Business operations … examines the way organisations use and manage resources to produce goods and services.

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