GCSE Psychology is a favourite amongst home educators.

GCSE Psychology (Edexcel 1PS0)
GCSE Psychology is a very popular subject amongst home educators. A perfect overview of the best aspects of modern day psychology, from Criminal Psychology to Child Development! This subject covers the process of psychology and its application in today’s world, discussing key psychological questions. From dreaming to memory to optical illusions, all of the most interesting aspects are covered.

Understanding psychology offers immense benefits in understanding one’s own behaviours and attitudes, the behaviour and attitudes of those around us, and in having a successful career (in many and varied fields) navigating office relationships, customer behaviour, and supplier negotiations. There is good crossover with sociology and human biology. Course Subject Content: Perception; Sleep and dreaming; Development; Illusions; Psychological problems; The brain and neuro-psychology; Social influence and social learning; Criminal psychology; Research methods.

This course is available:   Online,Live – starting every September;  Online, FlexibleTiming – enrol anytime.   (It is possible to start with one format and then switch to another, especially if a learner would like to begin before a ‘Live’ start date).

Edexcel exam board syllabus: link

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