Business Power – SPOW (6 sessions) Robotics and AI or skilled human talent? Leaders or Managers? Young entrepreneurs or experienced Executives? How do “human resources” (that’s ‘people’, to you and me) make or break a business?

This course looks at the word ‘power’ from a few angles:
-at a production level, what is the role of technology/AI versus human labour
-business leadership and wielding power within the business (what does it take to be a good leader, where does ‘power’ actually come from (fear, inspiration, etc.))
-how businesses are more and more powerful in society (perhaps more powerful than governments)

Perfect for the budding entrepreneur, sociologist or economist! This is an excellent stand-alone course but is also a perfect GCSE/IGCSE taster course for Business or Sociology!

Subjects:  Business, Sociology


This course is available for enrolment as follows:
1) online, FLEXIBLE: enrol and start at any time
(6 sessions – £45) Further details can be found here, on our FAQs page


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