About KS3 (10-13yrs) Mini Courses:

Fascinating subjects, engaging tutors!  Keep your young learner in touch, in-the-know, and inspired with courses that:

  • engage, delight and enthral
  • use interactive and engaging multi-media tools
  • offer interesting and engaging activities to demonstrate understanding and comprehension
  • are led by specialist, professional tutors
  • cover a range of subjects including:  geography, mathematics, history, English, art & design; travel & tourism, economics, sociology, psychology, business, science / technology / engineering, international development, law & citizenship, environmental and earth studies


Course Fees: Foundation Mini Courses    £26 GBP    (usually £35)

* Covid19 reduction: we are reducing our fees by 25% (tremendous value for 6 live&interactive sessions) to make them as accessible as possible.

* Multi-course deals:  buy 5 (up to 9) and get 1 course free; buy 10 (up to 14) and get 2 courses free; buy 15+ and get 3 courses free


Why our Courses are Unique:

  • Mini courses are online, Live&Interactive sessions that offer a unique opportunity to explore a subject in detail and practice applying knowledge right away.
  • During Live&Interactive sessions, learners join the teacher in live multi-media sessions at scheduled times for activities, discussions, debates and explorations.
  • Each course also offers opportunity for discussions and interaction with diverse classmates from around the world; independent projects and activities; direct tutor feedback; and much more!
  • Each mini course runs for 6 weeks and all sessions are recorded, for later viewing 24/7
  • Foundation Mini Courses:   Courses with an ‘F’ code are ‘foundation’ courses, meaning they generally suit learners aged 10-13;  these courses do not used advanced language and terminology and cover subjects with a good deal of breadth across different topics.

Live&Interactive sessions:  learners join the teacher in live multi-media sessions at scheduled times – for activities, discussions, debates and explorations;   learners have 24/7 access to all of the course activities, projects, assignments and discussions; learners can interact with the tutor and other learners during live online sessions and via discussion chats at other times. This format is great if your child prefers group interaction and interactivity.

Flexible, Recorded sessions: learners access the course according to their own schedule, and at their own pace;  learners can:  view the pre-recorded ‘live’ sessions;  access all of the course activities, projects, assignments and discussions; interact with the tutor and other learners via interactive discussion chats. This format is great if your child prefers to learn independently, or is uncomfortable with live interaction.

FOUNDATION Mini Courses can enhance any style of home education approach / homeschool program of study:
Unstructured – Many young people choose a course simply because they are fascinated by the subject; if you follow an unstructured or child-led approach to home education, exploring different subjects as your child develops their interests, our courses fit right in.   Assignments and projects are optional, you can watch and rewatch recordings on your own schedule, and a Certificate of Completion may not be important to your child!
Semi-structured – You / your child might approach some specific subjects with the aim of making clear progress through set stages, as part of a longer term plan (while other subjects/topics are approached in a more spontaneous manner).  If this sounds like you, course weekly assignments and projects can be an excellent way of recording progress and building a portfolio of knowledge.  It may also be important to you, to have a record of your child’s efforts and progress – for either your own purposes or for your local education authority.
Structured – If you / your child like to follow a structure and routine, record effort, and measure progression, then we provide easy to use tools to do so.  Each online session is 40 minutes of learning time, for 4 hours of total ‘instructional’ time.  In addition, the time commitment for weekly assignments and projects is approx 30 minutes, adding a further 3hrs of ‘learning time’.  Overall, each course provides 7 hrs of learning time over 6 weeks (and can come with a Certificate of Completion).  You can also combine consecutive or concurrent courses to create your own, tailored ‘Master Course’ in a subject (Groovy Graphs + All about Averages + Order of Operations = 1 Term of Mathematics)