Business Power – SPOW (6 session short course – £45) Robotics and AI or skilled human talent? Leaders or Managers? Young entrepreneurs or experienced Executives? How do “human resources” (that’s ‘people’, to you and me) make or break a business?

This course looks at the word ‘power’ from a few angles:
-at a production level, what is the role of technology/AI versus human labour
-business leadership and wielding power within the business (what does it take to be a good leader, where does ‘power’ actually come from (fear, inspiration, etc.))
-how businesses are more and more powerful in society (perhaps more powerful than governments)
Perfect for the budding entrepreneur, sociologist or economist! This is an excellent stand-alone course but is also a perfect GCSE/IGCSE taster course for Business or Sociology!

Subjects:  Business, Sociology

Each short course includes: weekly online, video tutorials; a wide range of opportunities to be inspired and be creative (projects, quizzes and activities with personal feedback); weekly learning documents plus extra support materials and resources; direct access to a passionate, knowledgeable tutor; easy access via the online Canvas learning platform (and Zoom)

Our courses for 11+ year olds are available to enrol in year-round, with both an “Online, Live” format as well as an “Online,Flexible Timing/Recorded” format, subject to availability.   

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~ Currently available for enrolment:
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