5 different subjects, each covering 1 year of subject curriculum content.

Each weekly update from Ellis is written in the style of a travel diary/letter, with a unique and wondrous story line. Each update tells part of the life of Ellis and how, in the course of life, the need for specific knowledge arises. An unconventional ‘course’ where you can step into Ellis’s life of adventure and exploration. Written in first person to the reader, Ellis introduces new ideas and concepts which are embedded within an entertaining storyline. These courses are designed to teach key curriculum ideas by building in foundation concepts without repetition and traditional ‘practice questions’.
Your young person will be eagerly anticipating Ellis’s weekly updates (with a lesson buried within!), activities, and interactions … a creative and interactive way to develop late Primary stage knowledge.
* Worldventures runs over 50 weeks, with weekly updates every Monday; each week, Ellis’s “update” includes:
a new story document from Ellis
* engaging and interactive activities, 1 for each day of the week
* extra supporting resources
(all based around the core elements of the UK National Curriculum, for this age group)
New enrolments start on the 1st of each month

Ellis’s Worldventures – Mathematics
Some of the topics covered within Ellis’s Worldventures include: whole numbers, negative numbers, rounding, order of operations, fractions, decimals and much more! Read more here: worldventures-primary-maths/

Ellis’s Worldventures – English
Some of the curriculum topics covered in Ellis’s Worldventures include: root words, prefixes and suffixes, distinguish between statements of fact and opinion, metaphor, simile, analogy, imagery, and more! Read more here: worldventures-primary-english/

Ellis’s Worldventures – Geography
Some of the curriculum topics covered include: physical geography, human geography, latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, the Prime/Greenwich Meridian, time zones and more! Read more here: worldventures-primary-geography/

Ellis’s Worldventures – History
Some of the fascinating topics covered within Ellis’s Worldventures include: stone age, bronze age, iron age, the Roman Empire, the Aztecs, the Industrial Revolution, Chinese Dynasties and more! Read more here: worldventures-primary-history/

Ellis’s Worldventures – Science
Some of the fascinating topics included within Ellis’s Worldventures include: classification systems and naming, human biology (circulation, respiration, brain function), adaptation, light, electricity and more! Read more here: worldventures-science-primary/

Ellis Worldventures – 5 Subject Combined Curriculum Bundle
Combines the curriculum programs for 5 subjects, all in one – Maths, English, Geography, History and Science, plus an Art&Design course. The full 1 year curriculum package includes all of the follow courses, to cover all of the core subjects: Read more here: worldventurescombined