Geometry and Constructions (course code MAGC) – Ages 11 to 13 (UK KS3) (4 sessions – £30)

Fun, funky, unusual and quirky – whether its examples from design & technology, history, or literature – great topics come to life with a witty and engaging approach!

In this course perfect for 11-13yrs, we explore a range of topics involving Geometry and Constructions using fun and unusual examples, going over the key principles and working through a range of examples together:
• Geometrical properties: polygons
• Understand and use angle properties
• Use the properties of a circle in constructions
• Use the properties of a rhombus in constructions
And there are plenty of opportunities to practice and solidify knowledge through recall and repetition


Each short course includes: weekly online, video tutorials; a wide range of opportunities to be inspired and be creative (projects, quizzes and activities with personal feedback); weekly learning documents plus extra support materials and resources; direct access to a passionate, knowledgeable tutor; easy access via the online Canvas learning platform (and Zoom)


Currently available for enrolment: Online, Flexible Timing/Recorded format – available after May 1st, 2023 (early enrolment available to save a space)

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