1 YEAR KS3 MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM PROGRAM (covers the core curriculum topics for Mathematics) AGES 11 – 13 YRS (YEAR 7/8 (UK))

HomeMadeEducation offers a 1 year Mathematics curriculum program for young people aged 11 – 13 (suits UK Year 7 or UK Year 8). This program covers core curriculum topics and is extremely useful for building the foundation to prepare for KS4/IGCSE Maths.

Starting this May (May 2023) the program includes the full range of nine short courses:
• Estimation and Rounding
• Sequences
• Multiplicative Relationships
• Statistics
• Perimeter, Area and Volume
• Geometry and Constructions
• Probability
• Charts and Graphs
• Transformations

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  • Available to start May 2023
  • Covers a full 36 weeks of learning materials, for a full ‘academic year’
  • Total combined fee for the program is £200 (which can be paid in two instalments, Month 1 and Month 2), a savings of £70

Course Formats
These courses use the ‘flexible/recorded’ format (the ‘live’ format is optional also, if available during the year of enrolment)
All formats use the Canvas online learning platform (free to use, no downloads or payments required)

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To enrol or ask for further information, just complete the little form below: