What a festive treat, for your young person … the HomeMadeEducation Festive Bundle is now available:

❄️ Festive Bundle: Choose any 3 Art&Design short courses for just £45  ❄️

Just choose any 3 Art&Design short courses (4 or 6 weeks long), before Dec 24, for just £45! And your young person will have full access to all of the courses for a full 6 months (until June 24). And we’ll even send along a printable gift certificate, for you to give to your very special young person.

All of the Art&Design courses are available in the Flexible Timing/Recorded format, which means your young person can start at any time and work through the courses at their own pace!

(And you don’t have to live in the UK to enjoy the Festive Bundle, if you live outside of the UK, just let us know where you are and we can convert the £45 into your currency!)

Just select three courses below, fill in your details, and press send, and we’ll start the enrolment process and create your Festive Bundle for you!

You can read the individual course descriptions below, on the individual course pages: