Edexcel IGCSE Double Science (4SD0) (2 of Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

This subject is a fantastic opportunity to explore all three sciences, developing solid knowledge in each and and understanding unifying elements across the sciences. The Double Award involves studying all three ‘core sciences’, and upon successful completion of three externally assessed exams, learners are awarded 2 IGCSEs (both at the same grade).

The course covers some of the most fascinating and compelling topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics over 2 years, preparing the learner for the three exam papers: Biology Paper 1; Chemistry Paper 1; Physics Paper 1.

Some of the aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to:

  • learn about unifying patterns and themes in science and use them in new and changing situations
  • acquire knowledge and understanding of scientific facts, terminology, concepts, principles and practical
  • apply the principles and concepts of science, including those related to the applications of science, to different
  • recognise the importance of accurate experimental work and reporting scientific methods in science

Content covered includes:

Biology: The nature and variety of living organisms; Structure and functions in living organisms; Reproduction and
inheritance; Ecology and the environment; Use of biological resources

Chemistry: Principles of chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Physical chemistry; Organic chemistry

Physics: Forces and motion; Electricity; Waves; Energy resources and energy transfer; Solids, liquids
and gases; Magnetism and electromagnetism; Radioactivity and particles; Astrophysics

Course fees are 2x a single science course. This is a 2 year course, working at 4hrs(ish) per week.

Learners can complete the course in 1 year if they wish, at 10hrs (ish) per week; Biology or Chemistry will be completed first, then Physics.

This course does use required textbooks

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This is a 2 year/60 weeks course which covers all of the syllabus content as well as exam skills/exam preparation.
All tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses always:
○ cover the full exam board syllabus content
○ include weekly online tutorials (recorded), available 24/7 for the duration of the course
○ include a wide range of multi-media support materials
○ include a range of weekly assignments (including exam questions)
○ feature personal and detailed homework feedback (including specific advice on improvements/exam skills) on all homework submitted
○ include weekly online ‘live’ drop-in sessions for learners (just turn up to as many as you need) to discuss any topics/questions/issues
○ include a range of specifically-developed, unique and proprietary detailed supporting content that is available nowhere else
○ feature full and complete tutor support for the entire duration of the course
○ cover revision and exam skills as standard!

(Developed for completion within 2 ‘academic’ years …but … flexible and adaptable for shorter or longer timeframes)
This course has a required textbook.
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For more details about the ‘FlexibleTiming/Recorded’ format … link to the Formats page

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Online, FlexibleTiming/Recorded format only – starting every September (early enrolment to reserve a space is recommended, as this course fills very early)

For course fees, discounts, payment plans, and to enrol (or get further info) just follow this little … link to our FAQ page
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